"KGF" Superstar Yash Promotes Pregnant Wife's Film "Aadi Lakshmi Purana"

Vaishnavi Gavankar |Jul 17, 2019

“It is her choice. I am happy that Radhika is back as I missed watching her on-screen. She is a way better actor when compared to me", says Yash.

KGF star Yash had only praise for his beautiful wife Radhika Pandith while launching her first film after marriage.

Also known as the "Cinderella of Sandalwood", Radhika Pandith is back to films after a break. Slated to release on 19th July 2019 in theatres near you, is the Radhika Pandith and Nirup Bhandari starrer Aadi Lakshmi Purana. 

Actor Tara With Rockline Venkatesh Yash And Radhik
Aadi Lakshmi Purana (ALP) kicks off with the tagline "the kick of love and lies". The movie is described as a complete family entertainer. The hero of the film Nirup Bhandari says, “It is a film you can watch without feeling uncomfortable. It will take you on this wonderful journey between Adi and Lakshmi.”


For the launch of the movie, that took place at the Kalavidara Sangha in Chamrajpet, not only was the producer of the film Rockline Venkatesh present at the event but also the rock star Yash was walking hand-in-hand with his beautiful (albeit pregnant) wife Radhika Pandith.

For those of you are probably confused, yes! The couple is en route to baby YR2.


Yash has also been instrumental in getting the project started. “I have seen this film grow from scratch. It all started when Suhasini Maniratnam told me about the script and introduced me to Priya (the director). I loved it and told Rockline Venkatesh about it and he was equally enthusiastic. That was my only involvement in the film. The rest is all the work of the brilliant cast and crew.”


He added that he does not restrain or force Radhika to act in films. “It is her choice. I am happy that she is back as I missed watching her on-screen. She is a way better actor when compared to me. Our home is filled with many of her Filmfare awards and State awards. And, if I try to advise her, she will sternly put me off with ‘don't try and teach me acting’! But, honestly, I too will continue to wait eagerly as one of her biggest fans to see her on-screen again as it is always a treat,” said Yash, while Radhika blushed, pinched and elbowed her husband as he talked.

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Tara stole the show, so much so that she was almost an anchor at the event! She walked around the stage with the mike, shared hilarious stories from the shooting period and also pulled Suchendra Prasad’s legs. They both play the role of Nirup Bhandari’s parents in the film.

“I think I have done almost every kind of a role with Suchendra Prasad. In all my years of interactions with him, I never heard him utter a single English word with me.

Aadi Lakshmi Purana

On the sets, we would all try to make him say at least one word, but all our tricks failed. Acting with him is not easy either. You have to be alert and try and match up with his emotions and skills. Else, he will overtake you in every performance and walk away with all the accolades. So, this way, he inspires you to always give your best.”

Aadi Lakshmi

Then she thanked him for his co-operation and asked him what the Kannada word for the same was. There was huge applause from the audience, as she repeated the word in Prasad’s style and language. Tara also praised Radhika for her subtle acting skills.

“You will never see her go overboard. She always underplays her emotions and looks natural on-screen, which very few actors can carry off.”

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The last time Radhika Pandit was seen on screen was in Santhu Straightforward in 2016 with Yash whom she subsequently married. Aadi Lakshmi Purana is the first film she shot after the marriage. A teaser of the film was released last weekend and went viral immediately.

The film is produced by Rockline Venkatesh. Director Anup Bhandari has only scored music for the film starring his brother. He had directed both the earlier films of Nirup; Rangi Taranga and Rajaratha.


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