Kamya Punjabi Wedding: Pictures And Some Facts You Need To Know

Ankita Chetana |Feb 11, 2020

Kamya Punjabi wedding with her Delhi-based boyfriend Shalabh Dang has been doing the rounds on the Internet. But she recently spilled the beans about some facts of her wedding and love story. Deeds inside!

Getting pampered and attention from everybody around you, a wedding is indeed rising you the most beautiful moment of life. Kamya Punjabi wedding cherished the same sense and emotions with other people. She gazed at the star-flooded sky and held hands with her beloved partner for a blissful and eternal marriage ahead.

Kamya Punjabi with her husband Shalabh

Yesterday marked Kamya Punjabi wedding with her Delhi-based boyfriend Shalabh Dang. These days, netizens have been eager for the nuptial celebration of the favorite couple. Likely to be on cloud nine, the two have shared a lot of pictures from their most important big day.

However, before stating her wedding alongside Shalabh, Kamya had a long time keeping her love affair in secret. As she is an Indian TV actress, she doesn’t want to be stuck in rumors around her relationship. But what will be, will be. Finally, she announced her wedding news and flooded social media with the couple’s sweetness and romance.

Unsaid gossips at the pre-wedding period

Kamya Punjabi or often called Kamya Panjabi once unveiled that on the two’s first meeting, she was active to contact Shalabh via a friend. After that, they met each other on February 1st when he reached Bombay for some business. According to her, it was rather a work meeting than a personal one. On the other hand, she also claimed that Shalabh was the one to take the initiative and she completely likes his qualities. In the beginning, they were friends and everything changed when he sent her the proposal for marriage.

Kamya Punjabi And Shalabh
Kamya shares the sweet moments alongside Shalabh

Another fact you may not know is that Kamya Punjabi had experienced a broken marriage with entrepreneur Bunty Negi 7 years ago. For the first time, the TV actress was not always open to stepping into a relationship. They came to each other naturally without any initial intentions. Before giving a nod, Kamya did think a bit for a while as she didn’t feel certain of a marriage. But time over time, Shalabh proved and convinced her to settle down.

For the actress, Shalabh is a good man for her to rely upon

Furthermore, her family and little daughter have been always on her side and stood by her. Nonetheless, she decided to seal the deal just because of herself, not due to someone’s influence or pressure. She believed in what she thought and didn’t matter how the other people brainwashed her.

The couple enjoys every moment together

She always puts her child at the top but she also needs to live her life. Even choosing Shalabh is also a decision that is great for both her and her daughter as he is a family man. The Delhi-based man also shared the same case with Kamya when he had to raise his son alone. None other better than Shalabh could understand and sympathize with Kamya Panjabi.

Kamya Punjabi wedding pics

Ahead of giving some wedding photos of Kamya and Shalabh, you need to know that it was her sister to arrange everything for the wedding. From the Mehendi to the celebrations, her sister, as well as her family, considered it a way to welcome her new happiness. Both Kamya and her parents sent wedding invitations personally without any WhatsApp message.

Kamya Panjabi and Shalabh Dang's wedding invitation

Here is a complete look at the wedding pics on February 10th, 2020. As seen in the engagement photos, the bride dressed up a traditional ensemble of black and gold color mixed with a dupatta in bright yellow. Meanwhile, the groom complemented Kamya Punjabi in a blue bandhgala and a set of kurta-pajama.

Kamya and Shalabh are following the Indian ceremony
Kamya's focus look from her wedding
Inside Kamya and Shalabh's wedding
Smile of happiness appears on Kamya's face

For a note-taking, Kamya Punjabi wedding with Shalabh wrapped all the best wishes from their family and friends. As said, Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like. We wish the couple will stay in happiness for eternity and the best romance they have.

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Kamya Punjabi Wedding: Pictures And Some Facts You Need To Know


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