Ahead Of The Wedding Celebrations, Take A Look At Kajal Aggarwal Lip Lock Videos That Used To Set The Internet On Fire

Leela Adwani |Oct 07, 2020

Immersed in the sweetness of the newlyweds and their well-kept relationship, Kajal Aggarwal lip lock videos are, once again, doing the rounds. Check them out!

Kajal Aggarwal or Kajal Aggarwal's marriage is currently catching the attention of the public as she is getting married to her businessman beau Gautam Kichlu. Immersed in the sweetness of the newlyweds and their well-kept relationship, Kajal Aggarwal lip lock videos are, once again, all the rage. The South Indian film industry sensation Kajal has finally found the love of her life and she is soon to exchange the vows with her man.

Kajal Aggerwal
All Kajal Aggarwal Lip Lock Videos

Kajal Aggarwal marriage

Entrepreneur a.k.a her husband-to-be Gautam Kitchlu is an interior designer and also a tech, design enthusiast. Unlike many other industry friends, Kajal opted to settle down with an outsider who doesn’t work in the entertainment world. Reports have it that the wedding will take place in two days in Mumbai and it will have the attendance of their close friends and family members only.

Kajal Aggarwal To Marry Fiance Gautam Kitchlu
Her fiance is a businessman

It’s also being said that the actress’s to-be-marriage is a love-arranged one and she has reportedly gotten engaged to Gautam in secret. While the eagle-eyed fans are waiting with bated breath for any official announcement from their idol, the actress doesn’t let everyone wait any longer as she recently took to her Instagram handle to share the news. It truly stuns many people as she rarely shares something private on social media and that’s why we have never seen any Kajal Aggarwal lip lock videos in real life on her Instagram’s grid.

Kajal Aggarwal Wedding
Her wedding announcement was made on Instagram

She announced that she is about to have a small and hush-hush wedding ceremony with Gautam Kitchlu on 30 October 2020 and didn’t forget to thank her fans for the love and the “unending support” that she has received from them over the years.

Kajal Aggarwal To Marry Fiance Gautam Kitchlu 2
Their marriage is arranged

Talking about her future husband, he has finished his schooling at Cathedral & John Connon School and pursued his higher education at Tufts University. He is also the owner of a firm called Discern Living which focuses on home décor and interior design.

Kajal Aggarwal lip lock videos

The marriage of Kajal surely leaves many stunned as she rarely shares anything publicly about Gauta Kitchlu. She doesn’t share any picture of the businessman on her Instagram handle, either does he. That’s why Kajal Aggarwal lip lock videos are mainly from her movies.

However, her most controversial kissing scene was with Bollywood star Randeep Hooda in the film Do Lafzon Ki Kahani. Tabloids reported that she felt uncomfortable and shocked when her co-star pulled her closer to plant a kiss on her lips. However, Kajal soon went on to rubbish such reports as she stated that she was well aware of such a lip-locking scene in the script. She also agreed that the best way to express love for each other is through physical intimacy.

One of Kajal Aggarwal lip lock videos that also made headlines was with Mahesh Babu in the blockbuster movie BusinessMan in 2012 directed by Puri Jagannadh. It also marked the first onscreen kissing scene of Mahesh Babu but becomes one of the best kissing scenes of Tollywood. In fact, Babu had never kissed anyone in his films until he starred opposite young lady Aggarwal. This sweet scene is shown at the end of the song Chandamana.

Another kissing scene of Kajal that was going viral is with Allu Arjun from the film Arya 2. For those who are unversed, Arjun is called a serial-kisser of Telugu cinema and Arya 2 is a romantic drama helmed by Sukumar hit the screens in 2009. The film took the box office by storm back then and became one of the highest-grosses of the year. Kajal and Alli were appreciated for the chemistry they have shared on the screen. The kissing between the two takes place in a lift in quite a funny way.

Hitting the theaters in 2012, The film Maattraan features Kajal Aggarwal and Surya in the lead roles. Apart from the good underlining story, stunning visual effects, and comic timing, the film also kept the audience on the edge of their seat for an intimate moment between the pair. The film shows them engaging in a quick kiss but one of the memorable Kajal Aggarwal lip lock videos. Needless to say, fans were floating on air and the kiss also helps move the film to the next phase. However, a behind the scenes video was then emerged online to reveal the truth behind that cute kiss. Many fans were surprised as they didn’t really lock their lips on camera. The brief on-screen smooch was just the work of smooth VFX along with face tracking devices.

Kajal Aggarwal
Kajal Aggarwal is touted as a South Indian Queenbee

We bet that we all want to watch more Kajal Aggarwal lip lock videos not only on-screen but off-screen with her man Gautam Kichlu. Ahead of her big day, the Starbiz team wishes her a happy wedding as well as a happy married life.

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