Look back Jennifer Winget and Karan Singh Grover Marriage & Divorce Story

Ankita Chetana |Jan 16, 2020

Jennifer Winget and Karan Singh Grover marriage story then divorce reasons once stormed the headlines of all newspapers. Read their facts & updates here!

Jennifer Winget and Karan Singh Grover were amongst the most powerful television couples of B-town. But not long ago, the two declared their split from each other on social media. As a time machine to have an eye on the two’s love, we will treat a timeline of how Karan and Jennifer came to each other and went off. First of all, let’s go back in time when they first met and sealed the deal.

1. Jennifer Winget and Karan Singh Grover love story

Like any other couples in the entertainment industry, Jennifer and Karan has an intriguing love story to tell.

Jennifer Winget And Karan Singh Grover on the show "Dill Mill Gaye"

Karan and Jennifer had worked together in a show called Kasautii Zindagii Kay for the first time. However, it was not until they met again in the shooting of Dill Mill Gaye 2007 that the two had feelings for each other.

Also during the show shooting, Karan ended his marriage with his ex-wife Shraddha Nigam. While fans spent a lot of love for their visible chemistry on the screen, their true feelings also began brewing off the screen.

After three years of dating since they declared their love story to the world, Jennifer Winget and Karan Singh Grover decided to tie the knot on April 9th, 2012. Their courtship seemed to stay stable even after getting married, the two never hesitated to express their affection and kisses on special events or occasions.

 2. Jennifer Winget and Karan Singh Grover wedding photos

Getting shot by Karan’s philandering sweetness after a long time, Jennifer Winget marriage continued to jot down the next page of the actor’s love life. In 2008, he proposed to his first wife but 10 months later, they filed a divorce since the TV actor had some extra-marital affairs.

Even when Jennifer was unsure about his loyalty, she made the decision of a wedding with Karan Grover. Check out some of their wedding photos below.


Jennifer Winget and Karan Singh Grover wedding photos

3. Jennifer Winget and Karan Singh Grover divorce reason

Living together for a couple of years, the two committed an end for their relationship. Then some rumors went viral that Karan remained his affairs, which led to their split.

In fact, the two’s close friends revealed that he had shown off the loyalty for the initial time after marriage. But not long later, both of them were back in harness of their professional lives that they almost forgot taking care of each other. Misunderstandings started and burst out when Karan joined the project Alone alongside actress Bipasha Basu; everything went down like plunge without brakes.

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Karan Singh Grover and Jennifer Winget called it quit in 2014

Some months later, Jennifer even got off their home but then she thought back of giving one more chance to their marriage. At that time, their story was like a lot of water had flown under the bridge that Karan couldn’t control the things. Meanwhile, the TV actress also jetted off to London for Phir Se shooting and asked everyone for no disturbance.

For her, this was an adorable roller-coaster experience in her life including both happiness and sadness. She now all smiles with everything that nobody could interfere with her story.

4. Facts about Jennifer Winget and Karan Singh Grover son

When living under a house, the duo used to talk about having a baby together. Nevertheless, at that time, they weren’t able to make it. And before planning to share a child with Jennifer, Karan thought a lot of his mature responsibility.

Jennifer Winget taking care of her son

When being asked about Jennifer Winget and Karan Singh Grover baby, the actor said that if they got one, Bipasha Basu now might have taken care of two children. The failed marriage didn't get them a shared child.

However, Jennifer Winget is often seen with her son named Beyhard. She doesn't reveal who is the father of Beyhard; nor do we know whether she has another husband after splitting from Karan. A lot of sources report that Jennier Winget son is adopted, but this can't be true as the talented actress was seen in many pregnant pics.

You can check Jennifer Winget and her son photos in this video:

5. Updates on Karan and Jennifer - how they move on after divorce

As we all know, Karan has left the TV world for 100% concentration in the film industry. He signed the third marriage with his co-star Bipasha Basu in Alone. Up to now, the new couple has remained their happy life together with the blessings from Jennifer.

Rather than a statement to hurt each other, the actress hoped everyone could live in the peace that no one has to criticize or dump the other's lifestyle. She used to take up to the social media to beg netizens for putting down the hands pointing at them both. She had no regrets on what she experienced and she also doesn't care what Karan has said about their marriage. You can read her sharing here.

Karan Singh Grover with Jennifer Winget (left) and Bipasha Basu (right)

SpotBoyE once recorded that Karan and his now-wife Bipasha used to like a picture of Jennifer she shared on her own Instagram on her birthday but later clicked again to unlike the pic.

Karan Singh Grover's Instagram account did like Jennifer's pic

When being asked about this, Jennifer expressed that this is a casual gesture that wasn’t offered to be investigated. She also confirmed that whatever happened, all of them have moved on a better space today without any grudges.

Throughout time, people have settled the story between Jennifer Winget and Karan Singh Grover. Both of them are happy with their new lives post the divorce now and also wish the other happiness. There's no reason we, the outsiders, have the right to comment on their personal affairs.

However, latest updates on the two will be updated in Gossip section and Bollywood news on Starbiz.com. Don't miss it!

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