Jatinder Mauhar, the people's director and his philosophy

Author |Oct 04, 2018

First you feel, be in contact with all the things around you, then be careless ... philosophy aides the author-movie maker Jatinder Mauher in his works

A humaine philosophy in movie production Jatinder Mauhar The Peoples Director Cover

Jatinder Mauhar with Sikander actor Gul Panag.

First you feel, be in contact with all the things around you, then be careless ... take chance, and upmost important, "take a picture" of the social slice you would like to describe in society. That's the straightforward philosophy aides the author and movie-maker Jatinder Mauher in his works. That's absolutely why Mauhar has intrepidly avoided romcoms and comedies which Punjabi movie is famous for.

As an author and movie maker he has depicted Punjab in the at this very moment, acquiring the group of audience in contact with the real world. Via two most famous movies of Jatinder Mauher, we could actutally fell his philosophy. From Sarsa, which it take on how the situation has been decreased to nothing in light of debasement, power and legislative issues, Sikander intently analyzed strategic maneuver and control at the college level. Mitti demonstrated the misery of the young and the widely praised Qissa Panjab got the people listen, then up close  with the expectations and give up of the young.

When recalled his youth, back when he had no direction and clear path in life. He said that it was a decision that he has made to impart to average folks stories that belong to them when choose to follow this philosophy. I trust movie is a standout amongst the best mediums that make people think. My movies in the dialect of the general population; my movies are for the public. Regardless of what the chances, a few of us need to erase the generalizations that Punjabi movie is tormented with, and if this situation are not transforming, we have to attempt to transform them.

The journey

Jatinder Mauhar The Peoples Director 01Jatinder Mauhar

Throughtout his life Mauhar had a lot of differents careers. He made  from  music clips small documentary on Punjab migrant labor force. He also had done some work in the clothes manufacturing industry. Not until he went to a workshop in National Drama School, he started to like cinema and start to write scripts. He said that he has always been a fan of literature of Punjabi.

When was a child, he usually explored the Punjab rural, met and talked with common folks, farmers. From all that, he gained a deeper view into the Punjab world, and its issues, drugs, crime, corruption, gender violence that caused farmers to commit suicide. According to him, we, the artistes, have the reponsibility to light up the dark sides of society .

Eventhought, the producers usually say no to his scripts because of their potitical nature.  "We did small-scale movies, so our group of audience is limited. Previously, we have created normal substance so by what method will Punjabi movie be keeping pace with other movie ventures. It is a consistent fight and I will battle it." Talk about advanced stages which are empowering new movie makers and essayists, Mauhar asked what is the Punjabi content ?

 As of right now

Jatinder Mauhar The Peoples Director 02

Right now, Jatinder Mauher is anticipating another discourse with his audience. Along his new movie Saade Aale, which took place in Sangrur and Malwa, they all will be released shortly. In view of a Balwinder Grewal's story , this is an account of adoration, which according to Mauhar feeling we really need for this date of struggle and scorn. The movie takes a gander at the long-haut fight of two families.

The two young children are the main characters  of two families, they play kabbadi together in the same group. "With the story, we thought the numerous feelings that the game helps these young men to realise. The effect of it on families and also its impact on improving us as people. It draw out our integritys and help us see past just ourselves. Nobody on earth  is doosra, and the others are on their one of a kind adventure and the movie endeavors to make this associate," Jauhar said , the preson ưho has composed the screenplay, directed and dialogues the movie.

What for the future ?

According to Jatinder Mauher, this is a great story, therefore he trusts that Punjab will enjoy this. "I need individuals to state indeed, this can occur. We need more sensible movie, points of view that are not restricted and the consistent exertion is to make space for this work.
Before long, I would like to chip away at a venture which will reproduce Punjab's past stories and start discussions and exchange." Right now, the movie-maker is finding another approach to send his message to the crowd.


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