In Rememberance: Best Film Of Bollywood Legend Director Mrinal Sen

Mina Muzumdar |Dec 31, 2018

Throughout his life, Mrinal Sen has directed a great number of film and won many prestigious film award. Here are his 5 best work that made him become an iconic director in Bollywood.

Akash Kusum (1965)

Akash Kusum is a Bengali film directed by Mrinal Sen in 1965. The film depicts Soumitra Cheterjee in the central role who finding his place in the society. From borrowing friend’s car to stay in his rich friend’s apartment, he leaves no stone unturned to make sure people will see him as a rich man. However, when  Soumitra falls in love with Aparna Sen who come from a rich family, he couldn’t admit the truth and has to face the consequences for his deception.


Bhuvan Shome (1969)

In Bhuvan Shome, Uttpal Dutt played a western railway officer who discovers the other side beyond bureaucracy through his duck hunting trip in Gujarat. And Suhasini Mulay starred as his companion in the journey to enjoy simple joys of life. Bhuvan Shome brought National Film Award, Best Director and Best Film to director Mrinal Sen.


Mrigayaa (1976)

Mrigaaya is a life-story of Mithun Charaborty, who is one of the best hunters in the tribe. However, he was sent to gallows after murdering a moneylender who kidnapped his wife. After his death, a wave of protest was sparked which later lead to the union of common folk to fight back British and oppressors. Mrigayaa directed by Mrinal Sen then won National Award for Best Film.


Ek Din Pratidin (1979)

The masterpiece of Mrinal Sen in 1979 features a different aspect of life which challenge gender norms. It is about the eldest daughter who actually is the breadwinner among the jobless man in the family. One home, she didn’t come home after work which left her family with great anxiety. Whether that reaction if love or fear of losing someone who meant to the family as a livelihood still remains puzzled. Thanks to Ek Din Pratidin, Mrinal Sen receive the prestigious award for Best Direction from National Award.


Khandahar (1984)

Another heart-rending and poignant life story was Khandahar. When a group of friend travelled to ruins, they found a mother-daughter living there. However, the blind mother was under the delusion that one of the visitors betrothed to her daughter. Taking pity on the girl, one of them (a photographer) decided to go with the flow. The charade, however, challenges them with a tense situation and they had a brooding day in the ruins. The film earned another National Film Award for Best Director.



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