Happy Birthday Upendra - A Real-life Inspirator!

Author |Sep 18, 2018

There's no denying the fact that the much-loved Upendra is one of the most popular and successful stars in the Kannada film industry today. Fondly referred to as the 'Real Star', the actor-director...

In the Kannada film industry today, if you count for the most popular and successful stars, you can not ignore the name: Upendra. After the famous films, he is known as a real star in the scriptwriter, director. At the same time he is a good actor, a moderate politician. With its beautiful appearance and natural beauty, he has attracted a large number of fans all over the country. Thanks to his charismatic personality, people really admire him! He becomes a true star in Kannada cinema's biggest hits.

This month is his month when he celebrates the new age on September 18, 2018).  Let's  look back and see how Upendra is a real-life hero:

He Is A Self-made Man!

He Is A Self-made Hero!

Upendra is a self-made hero. Unlike many other stars born in a favorable condition, he had to face poverty in his childhood. He also had financial problems in his early years and during his stared career. However, it is a spirit of energy and true talent beyond the circumstances. After all, good things came to him.

Upendra Is Quite Outspoken

Upendra is a frank and open spokesperson

He was one of the first southern stars to comment on the classic Padmavat. In many important interviews, he also highlighted the view about "breaking the system"  and suggested that it would not be profitable.
We create a system that is not for destructive. Without the system and the censorship board, society will be extremely chaotic. With the things that you feel are being held down, you can fight peacefully, use language to express your views.

He Is Not Afraid Of Controversies

He is not afraid of politics

He is one of the rare Hollywood stars who dare to make films on sensitive issues that are political and current. A film showing his point that is H2o. The film deals with disputes involving Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Despite the mixed opinions on politics, we can not deny the impression it brings to the community.

Upendra Has Made A Mark In Other Industries As Well

Upendra contributes many films beyond domestic borders.

Throughout his career, he has also experimented with Tamil and Telugu films. It is also interesting that this director brings to his audience the richness and the experience new things. This also helped him to become more famous. Some non-Kannada films that he involved in are Satyam and S / O Sathyamurthy

Once again, let we celebrate his birthday and wish him a new age with more success and luck. Talent man likes him deserve good thing in life!


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