Gourmet Lights Embrace These South Actors When Being Charged More Than Bollywood Stars

Ankita Chetana |Dec 27, 2019

For a long time, Bollywood has been mentioned the most in the entertainment industry but you may not know that these actors from the South earning better than Bollywood celebs.

As far as speaking of Indian actors’ earnings, we think more about Bollywood stars with huge grossing over the game. But actually, according to Forbes, there are some South actors reaching higher charges than several of their B-town counterparts. From Prabhas to Mahesh Babu, let's take a look at some famous names from the South who earned more than several top stars of the tinsel town.

Rajinikanth – Rs 100 crore

The actor has ranked one spot higher than his position in last year’ Forbes 100 list. His low amount of followers on Instagram (488 thousand followers) might be the culprit of his slow climbing. On the other hand, he owns a huge amount of fans on Twitter with 5.6 million followers.

But talking about earnings, Rajinikanth has collected more than some Bollywood stars in the top 10 such as Deepika Padukone (Rs 48 crore), Alia Bhatt (Rs 54.21 crore), and Ajay Devgn (Rs 94 crore). Besides, his earning beats up the ones from some sportspersons including Rohit Sharma (Rs 54.29 crore) and Sachin Tendulkar (Rs 76.96 crore).

AR Rahman – Rs 94.8 crore

Ar Rahman

He released a collection of soundtracks in 2019 but none of them reached an extraordinary grossing. Nevertheless, AR Rahman earned Rs 94.8 crore due to his world tours in the U.S. and Canada. He got paid even over Aamir Khan (Rs 85 crore) and Priyanka Chopra Jonas (Rs 23.4 crore) and the above Bollywood actors as well.

Mohanlal – Rs 64.5 crore


Launching 5 films this year including the blockbuster Lucifer builds his glamorous earning. The film created a firework at the South Indian box office in 2019 to bring him a lot of fame as well as profit. The actor was also offered to win the award of Padma Bhushan earlier. With this payment, he surpassed some top stars from Bollywood such as Katrina Kaif (Rs 23.63 crore), Anushka Sharma (Rs 28.67 crore), Varun Dhawan (Rs 33 crore), and Hrithik Roshan (Rs 58.73 crore).

Ajith Kumar – Rs 40.5 crore

In spite of the silent private life, Ajith is no doubt embracing twinkling stardom in the South industry. After the success of Viswaram, he grabbed the big earning of Rs 40.5 crore and stole some famous Bollywood stars like Karan Johar (Rs 12 crore), Ayushmann, and Diljit Dosanjh (Rs 36.91 crore).

Prabhas – Rs 35 crore

One of the debutants of 2019 from the South, Prabhas has started his acting career with a great package of success. His debut Saaho alongside Shraddha Kapoor which was released in two languages did the rounds on social media. It was the second-highest-grossing of the opening day with Rs 130 crore and also the second-highest-grossing Indian movies of the year, following Hrithik Roshan’s War.

Prabhas In Saaho

The talented actor by his efforts has beaten some hot names of B-town like Shahid Kapoor (Rs 12.75 crore), Tiger Shroff (Rs 18.5 crore), Ayushmann Khurrana (Rs 30.5 crore), and Katrina, Anushka, Varun as above.

Mahesh Babu – Rs 35 crore

Mahesh Babu

With a box office blockbuster named Maharshi, Mahesh is saved to reach the top highest grosser this year and besides, he has been also popular on social media. He went one better than Kapil Sharma (Rs 34.98 crore), Karan Johar, Tiger Shroff, Ayushmann Khurrana, Shahid Kapoor, Diljit and Varun Dhawan.

Vijay – Rs 30 crore


The biggest South Indian release this year is Bigil with its box office collection of more than Rs 300 crore and still counting. The film stars Vijay in the lead role, enlisted in the “Top Most Tweeted about hashtags in India”. With the earning of Rs 30 crore, Vijay outshone over several A-list Bollywood actors including John Abraham (Rs 28.5 crore), Disha Patani (Rs 5.8 crore), Sonam Kapoor (Rs 8.5 crore), Kriti Sanon (Rs 8.09 crore), Tiger Shroff, Shahid Kapoor, and Katrina, too.

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