Facts About Amrish Puri Son Unveiled When Vardhan Puri Emerges

Rose Advani |Jan 17, 2020

Amrish Puri son or father of Vardhan Puri remains a myth in Bollywood industry but we have managed to get his information here. Check the facts around Rajiv Puri Amrish Puri son here!

Bollywood 2019 welcomed the debuts of a new generation from numerous star kids as Janhvi Kapoor, Ananya Panday, and Sara Ali Khan. And Vardhan Puri is also a name to draw much attention. While many mistake him as Amrish Puri son, Vardhan is actually the grandson of the legendary actor.

So the question remains: who is the son of Amrish Puri? Let's find out the answer below with Starbiz.com!

Vardhan Puri is the grandson of Amrish Puri, not his son.

1. Who is Amrish Puri son?

Amrish Puri had two kids, one son and one daughter but they chose to live a low-profile life out of the movie industry. Both of them try to avoid the press, and keep their information personal. However, Starbiz team have managed to get you necessary info as follow!

  • Amrish Puri son name

Amrish Puri son name is Rajeev Amrish Puri. His wife, and also the mother of Vardhan Puri is Meena Puri. This is the reason why people also often search for Rajiv Puri Amrish Puri son because they don't know the exact name of the man.

  • Amrish Puri son age

It's almost impossible to trace any further information about this man other than his name above. No one knows his exact birth date but from information we gathered, Amrish Puri son is probably in his 60s in 2020.

Amrish Puri got married to Urmila Diveker in 1957, so Rajeev could be born within several years after that. His son, Varhan Puri was born in 1990, which means Rajeev was around 30s when having his first son. It totally makes sense, right?

  • Amrish Puri son photos

Rajeev Puri did not love to be in the limelight. However, there are still some rare photos which were taken with his father Amrish Puri and his son Vardhan Puri. See them below!

Rare pictures of Amrish Puri son and family members
Amrish Puri with his wife and children - Rajeev (standing) and Ramnata
  • Amrish Puri son movie

As stated right from the beginning, many people mistake Vardhan Puri who just had his movie debut as the son of Amrish Puri.

That’s why they rush to search for Amrish Puri son’s movie which is no where to be found for sure. Unlike his father, Rajeev Puri opts to stay away from the Bollywood industry, so there’s no movie related to this person.

If you are searching for Vardhan Puri’s movie, scroll down to read later sections.

2. About Amrish Puri kids

Amrish Puri have two children with Urmila Puri - his son Rajeev (sometimes called Raijv) and his daughter Ramnata (also known as Namrata).

More information can be found about Amrish Puri's daughter.

  • Amrish Puri daughter - Ramnata Puri

Namrata or Ramnata, the sister of Raijv Puri, leads a simple life instead of the glamorous life as their father, Amrish Puri. She works as a software engineer and is also very ambitious in her own field.

Below are some pictures of Amrish Puri daughter!

Amrish Puri's daughter is a beautiful software engineer
Like her brother, she chose a low-profile lifestyle

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3. Vardhan Puri - the emerging Amrish Puri grandson

Vardhan Puri is better known as the grandson of the legendary actor in Bollywood, Amrish Puri than as the son of Rajeev Puri and Meena Puri. Sometimes people get wrong that he is Amrish Puri's son whereas he is his grandson.

Also, Amrish Puri grandson Vardhan came out with his extraordinary acting skill during his 90 plays.

Vardhan Puri lived with his grandpa during his childhood
  • Vardhan Puri movies

Following the expectation, Vardhan Puri, the grandson of late legendary actor Amrish Puri has released his debut as a romantic film this year after attending 90 plays and countless efforts to pursue his acting career.

Puri had the first role in the theatre when he was a teenager. Before appearing in some plays, he used to support some backstage tasks such as serving tea and even cleaning the stage. After the first role, Puri got training in theatre and worked for National Award Winning Filmmaker Satyadev Dubey who was the mentor of Amrish Puri.

Yeh Saali Aashiqui - Debut of Vardhan Puri

Vardhan Puri, the 29-year-old actor is gonna release his debut in Bollywood with Shivaleeka Oberoi, a romantic thriller Paagal, the title changed Yeh Saali Aashiqui later. The movie was in cinemas in November 2019 and received positive feedback from the audience.

Vardhan has a strong inclination towards writing and direction but acting is the first love of the budding star. His acting skill was highly appreciated by big names in the Bollywood world.

  • Interesting facts about Vardhan Puri

Vardhan Puri grew up in a Hindi family with his parents, Rajeev Puri, the son of Amrish Puri and Meena Puri, and his sister Sachi Puri.

Charlie Chaplin is the most influential person in his acting career.

Vardhan Puri along side his family members

Vardhan Puri believed that his grandpa, Amrish Puri, is next to God for him. His recent debut film Paagal (Yeh Saali Aashiqui) is a gift the actor send to his late grandpa.

Satyadev Dubey, Vardhan, and Shivaleeka Oberoi at the Yeh Saali Aashiqui Premiere

Vardhan had an emotional post on Amrish's Puri's 87th birthday anniversary.

Vardhan showed his regret of losing his grandpa, Amrish PuriBollywood lost Amrish Puri in 2005, at the age of 72 suffering from a blood cancer. His left put the countless regret in Bollywood and his family for losing the respectful actor in Bollywood. Especially, Vardhan got along with a stand by his grandpa and it was a shock for him.

Vardhan Puri got emotional on his grandpa's birthday though he passed away for a long time

Recently, the audiences get heartfelt when looking at the throwback photos that Vardhan expressed his respect to his grandpa in front of the photos of the legendary actor on his 87th birth anniversary. This moment melt all the hearts of his fans!

5. About the legendary actor Amrish Puri

Not many people know that Amrish followed his elder brothers, who were Chaman Puri and Madan Puri to enter into the industry. It is Chaman and Madan that inspired Amrish to pursue the acting career.

However, the turning point for Amrish to move from the theatre to the movie industry was when he needed more money to pay all his bills.

The legendary actor Amrish Puri is mostly known for his villain role

During his career, the Hum Paach (1980) was one of the most successful Amrish Puri movies that turned his name into an unforgettable actor years to years. Interestingly, Puri once starred in Aitraaz along with Priyanka Chopra as the role of her husband. Amrish Puri was also a part of the incredibly popular Indiana Jones series with the villain role in the 1984 Temple of Doom.

Best Amrish Puri movies include: Karan Arjun, Chachi 420, Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom, Gadar: Ek Prem Katha, Mr. India, Koyla, Diljale, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (Kajol’s father).

Amrish Puri’s last film was Kachchi Sadak in 2006.

Off screen, he was normally seen with a black hat, just because he loved hats.

Finally, Amrish Puri wife is Urmila Divekar, who the actor met during the working time as a senior division clerk.

The last picture of Amrish Puri and his family to end this post

Amrish Puri death date was on January 12, 2005. He died of a stroke when he was 72 years old.

So, that's all the information about this veteran actor that you may look for.

If you have any interesting facts about Amrish Puri son, or Amrish Puri grandson, Vardhan Puri, please let us know by your comments. Meanwhile, the latest Gossip story and Bollywood news are always available on Starbiz.com!

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