Check Out Ananya Pandey Tweets – The Origin of Trolls and Memes On Her Way

Ankita Chetana |Feb 17, 2020

Apart from a strong statement in fashion, Ananya Pandey tweets over time have dropped her an icon of trolling in the tinsel town. Have a look!

Whether on social media or in real life, Ananya Pandey has become an inspiration for netizens to target her for memes. Being two-film old with Student of the Year 2 by Karan Johar and Pati Patni Aur Woh alongside Kartik Aaryan, the actress has raised the fame around her acting. But it was Ananya Pandey tweets which have turned her to a level of being trolled over the Internet.

On July 10th last year, the 22-year-old starlet was targeted by netizens for a small spelling mistake on her tweet. In a post on Twitter, she shared a pic together with her besties Suhana Khan and Shanaya Kapoor. But what caught the attention of everybody was her caption with a funny mistake. She changed from “Charlie’s Angels” to “Charlie’s Angles”. Check out one of the most memorable Ananta Pandey tweets below:

Many fans clicked a heart for the lovely photo, meanwhile, her typographical error snapped the trolling storm. And of course, netizens wouldn’t miss a chance to lift her to the top of trolls at that time. Several hours later, the actress noted her spelling mistake and deleted the tweet. Then she posted the picture again with the correct typography.

Ananya Panday corrected her spelling in the re-up tweet

But it seemed to correct nothing over her trolling image when some netizens reacted to her correction. They had captured the yet-to-correct post and called it ‘tweet of the year’. On the other hand, some others hadn’t caught it at the right time that they even asked why Ananya deleted the previous tweet.

A fan was unaware of her deleted spelling mistake

Not stop then, back in time, the actress was in a catfight with her schoolmate exposing Ananya’s fake USC admission. It started when the actress and her mother Bhavana Pandey shared that she was admitted to USC (University of Southern California). However, according to her schoolmate, it’s not true.

Ananya Pandey was asked to clarify her fake admission to USC

After publicizing the fact, the girl exposing it got threatened by Ananya’s finsta account. Check out what the starlet said to her schoolmate after being asked to stop faking.

Since then, an Instagram user named ‘anieeepeee’ unveiled that Ananya alongside her friends did several uncomfortable behaviors of talking back at the user and her friends. The user began her series of gossips revealing another side people don’t know about Ananya.

The user started the revealing gossips about Ananya, telling all of what she did in the past
Ananya's stories continued to create storm over the Internet

The girl strongly emphasized disliking people showing their hard work but actually, they don’t give a point of effort to what they earn now. Thereafter, the user continued the gossips around Ananya’s dirty relationships and attitudes after gaining something from the guys.

Post the publicized revelations from the user under the name of Anieeepeee, Ananya with her verified account on Instagram sent out a string of personal messages to the girl. Most of them showcased her apologies for all of what she did in the past and claimed that she took down every story in concern with Anieeepeee. In addition, the actress stated that her friends from the gang also removed the stories and asked Anieeepeee to delete the gossips around her as well.

Ananya Pandey begged 'Aneeepeee' to delete all the stories related to her

As per her desire, all the posts spilling the beans about Ananya were removed but another Twitter user has posted them again. So it was likely that Ananya cannot erase what netizens have known about her. Thus, as people often say, celebrities should be cautious of what they do on the Internet since social media is frivolous and entertaining but it is also in the firing line and sketchy.

Another time she got trolled from netizens when comparing her father Chunky Pandey with 'Iron Man' Tony Stark in a tweet:

Throughout the years, Ananya Pandey tweets have been the eye of the storm where she was taken to trolling and slamming. Every dirty linen has been washed on the screen, so how about the dark side of the actress that is coming on her way?

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