Police report of Balabhaskar's family tragic accident

Author |Sep 25, 2018

A serious car accident claims the life of Balabhaskar's daughter..

A tragic accident claimed the life of Balabhaskar's daughter, while his wife is still in critical conditions

On Tuesday morning, Balabhaskar and his family members ran into a very serious car accident in Pallipuram, near Thiruvananthapuram. Balabhaskar has been widely known as a very talented violinist. The artist and his wife are now still in critical conditions, but unfortunately their daughter Tejaswi has lost her life. Tejaswi was only two years old.

The family was coming home from the Vadakkum Nathan temple in Thrissur when they had the accident. The whole family was brought to a private hospital, where they are still now.

Balabhaskar. Image via Twitter/@mathrubhumieng

Balabhaskar. Image via Twitter/@mathrubhumieng

The police of Mangalapuram disclosed with the News Minute that the accident was a result of the driver’s dozing off. It could be obvious to see that they dozed off while driving on the very long way home, after visiting the temple.

According to the police reports, the accident occurred because the family's driver dozed off. The police said that the driver must have felt asleep and steered the wheel that made the car hit a tree on the road. This is according to The News Minute's interview with the Mangalapuram police.

"The family was returning from Thrissur after visiting a temple,” Mangalapuram police said.

Immediately, the highway police have rushed to the scene of the accident and transported the whole family to the nearby hospital. The family's driver, known as Arjun - also suffered injuries from the incident, hence the police rushed him to the same hospital. The major news all state that both Balabhaskar and his wife Lakshmi are now still on a ventilator.

However, due to several spinal injuries, the violinist might go under some critical surgical procedures by the doctors of the private hospital he has been admitted to. Balabhaskar is a very accomplished violinist and also a music director. He has collaborated in a good number of Malayalam films.

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Balabhaskar' family

This incident is so terrifying and shocking, that it might leave a very huge impact on the family members. We offer our deepest condolences to the family for losing Tejaswi. May she rest in peace! We also hope that the violinist and his wife and the family's driver soon recover safely, and will be coming home soon. It will take a very long time for them to accept reality, but we hope they will be able to cope with it.


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