Balabbhaskar & Family's Fatal Accident; Daughter Passes Away At The Age of Two

Author |Sep 25, 2018

Still no updates about how Balabhaskar and his wife are recovering from the crash that claimed his daughter's life.

Tragic news hit us: Daughter of Violinist Balabhaskar passed away in recent accident

The fatal car accident claimed the life of the two-year-old baby Tejaswini Bala - daughter of the well-known violinist Balabhaskar. According to recent reports, the accident occurred some at around 4:30am this morning. The whole family was in an Innova car, travelling home from a visit to a temple. Out of the blue, the car rammed into a tree.

Not only the musician has suffered some major injuries and is in the ICU, but his wife is still also in critical condition.

Balabhaskar & Family Meet With An Accident; Daughter Passes Away In The Unfortunate Incident!

The police of Mangalapuram disclosed with the News Minute that the accident was a result of the driver’s dozing off. It could be obvious to see that they dozed off while driving on the very long way home, after visiting the temple in Thrissur. The tragic accident happened when they were on the way traveling home in Thiruvananthapuram.

When arriving at the accident scene, the police immediately took the injured people to the nearest private hospital. The driver who dozed off while driving also got injured. Balabhaskar had some serious spinal injuries, and the doctors plan to perform some critical surgeries on him very soon to stabilize his condition. His wife also got seriously injured and has not come to her senses yet. We do not know how Balabhaskar and his wife will take the news about their daughter - Tejaswini Bala.

Let's hope they will be brave and strong enough to stand up again after this tragic incident.

Before this accident, Balabhaskar has always been very popular as a violinist. He owns a huge fan base, who admires him utmostly for his talents and professionalism. His stage performances and shows have always been well appreciated by the public. His music albums have gained lots of love as well. He also has collaborated with a good number of movies, taking the role of music direction.

One of his outstanding work is for the film Mangalyapallakku.

We hope that the doctors will be able to do the necessary and save the violinist and his wife - who are reported to be still in critical conditions.

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Balabhaskar' family before the accident

They will have a very hard time to get back to their daily life after this tragedy. Their lovely daughter - Tejaswini Bala - will be missed. May her soul rest in peace. May her bless her beloved parents so that they will be safe and sound after this.


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