Amala Paul's Ex-Husband AL Vijay Married To Dr. R Aishwarya In Chennai

Vaishnavi Gavankar |Jul 12, 2019

Vijay and Amala had got married to each other in June 2014. However, the couple got themselves a divorce and got separated from each other citing trust issues in 2017.

Famous Malayalam film celebrity Amala Paul's ex-husband AL Vijay tied the knot with Dr. R Aishwarya in a private ceremony in Chennai. A marriage photo of AL Vijay and R Aishwarya was surfaced on internet yesterday following the director's fans and supporters started congratulating the couple by sharing the image.

Al Vijay 2nd Married In Private

Prior to this marriage, AL Vijay was married to South Indian film celebrity Amala Paul who predominantly appears in Malayalam and Tamil films. Vijay and Amala had got married to each other in June 2014. However, the couple got themselves a divorce and got separated from each other citing trust issues in 2017. The problems in their marriage had started piling up since July 2016 and apparently, they decided to call off their nuptials on February 2017.

Wedding Bells For Director A L Vijay

AL Vijay issued a press note on June 29 this year announcing his marriage with Aishwarya and that the ceremony is going to be a very private affair. The press note mentioned that the bride is a doctor by profession and the marriage would be held in July.

The press note had mentioned that "I am happy to announce my marriage with Dr. R Aishwarya and it is going to be a private ceremony which will be held in July 2019. With all your love and blessings, am embarking on a new chapter in my life!". The press note also stated that marriage was an arranged marriage.

Amala Paul Vijay Wedding Photos 024
Amala Paul and AL Vijay

Post the announcement, the talks of marriage became the most discussed topic in South India. There were no reactions from his ex-wife, Amala Paul as of now.

Amala Paul and Vijay's marriage was a grand ceremony in 2014 as almost 60 percent of the entire South film fraternity were present to bless them. It was the same year in 2014 that the ex-couples had made their relationship public.

1562137896 Al Vijay Amala Paul

In 2017 when Vijay was announcing the divorce he had said, "The base for any marital relationship is honesty and trust. When that is breached, the very existence of committed relationship becomes meaningless. I really value the institution of marriage and relationship a lot. Not even in my worst dreams did I think it will end. But yes, today, I don't have any choice. With lots of pain in my heart, I have decided to move on in life in a dignified manner."


Rumors were ripe that the reason behind the ex-couples failed marriage was an alleged night out of Amala Paul with a young Tamil producer. There was also a strong tiff between Amala and Vijay regarding her alleged friendship and closeness with young Tamil actors.

Now as Vijay moves ahead with his life and starts a fresh phase in his life, it would be interesting to know how Amala Paul reacts to this incident or will she even acknowledge this at all.


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