All You Need To Know About ‘Nude’ Actress Chhaya Kadam

Leela Adwani |Mar 05, 2020

From personal life to the destiny to the film Nude, here is everything you should know about Chhaya Kadam.

Chhaya Kadam is an actress who gained fame for doing many Marathi movies however she truly shot to stardom thanks to the roles in two Nagraj Majule films including Sairat and Fandry. The actress who began her acting career only in a TV show and later shifted her focus on films is currently making headlines because of the role of a nude artist at Ravi Jadhav-directorial film Nude.

Personal life

Chhaya Kadam originally hails from Karambal, Sindhudurg Takula in Maharashtra. However, the fact is that her birth, as well as childhood, were spent in Mumbai. Speaking of her family, there is little information about them on the Internet but according to a few reports about her mother and her name is Suhasini Kadam.

Chhaya Kadam 1
Chhaya Kadam

Huge passion for sports

The actress used to fail in the 12th standard as she too focused on sports as she had a big passion for playing sports back then. Questions about her go-to kind of sport are rife, then it was Kabbadi. She had been playing it a lot during her childhood time and also became a state-level Kabbadi level.

Talking about her hobbies, non-veg food is also one of her favorites.

Her role in Sairat

In the film Sairat which brought fame to the actress, she stepped into the shoes of a Hyderabadi Telugu woman who runs a dosa stall herself. It’s a 2016 Marathi-language romance film that is now available on Netflix. Helmed by Nagraj Manjule and also produced by himself under his production house banner Aatpat Production, the film revolves the story of two college students from two different castes. They fall in love with each other but their relationship, unfortunately, sparks unwanted conflicts between two families.

Chhaya Kadam 4
She shot to stardom after doing films Sairat and Fandry.

Little do we know that director Nagraj offered her this role shortly after wrapping up the shooting schedule for film Fandry where she portrayed the role of Nani. It’s not far off the mark to say Chhaya Kadam is a great example of a hard-working bee as she learned Telugu from the cameramen team for this role.

The destiny with the film Nude

Ravi Jadhav-directorial Nude is about a story of a woman portrayed by Kalyanee Mulay. However, actress Chhaya Kadam perfectly managed to make a strong impact on the film with her character Chandra Akka. Chhaya’s character plays an important role to encourage Mulay to seriously take up her profession as a nude artist at JJ School of Arts.

Chhaya Kadam 2
Chhaya Kadam and Kalyanee Mulay in the film Nude

The film revolves around the story of Yamuna (played by Kalyanee) who has to leave her abusive husband and move to Mumbai with her son. She starts working as a nude model for the sake of gathering funds to educate her child. The woman is supported by one of her friends Chandrakkha (played by Chhaya Kadam) who also works in the same profession.

In an interview with a news portal, the actress got candid on her thoughts while doing this film and also shared interesting stories on how she got the role.

Chhaya Kadam 3
She plays the role of a nude artist in the film

She revealed that the first time she saw the poster on Facebook around two years back. Right at the first sight, she already knew that the film was bound to be an out-of-the-box project and she wished she got a chance to do this film but she thought the film had gone on floors already. And it was a surprising moment when director Jadhav called and asked her if she wanted to act in his movie and he said they were yet to shoot.

The journey of Chhaya Kadam is way too inspiring. We hope she will have more big projects in the future.


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