Actor Dileep and His Wife Kavya Madgavan Welcomed a Baby Girl

Author |Oct 19, 2018

Actor Dileep’s wife Kavya Madhavan has successfully given birth to her own daughter at 4:45 am on October 19

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Dileep and Kavya

Actor Dileep’s wife Kavya Madhavan has successfully given birth to her own daughter at 4:45 am on October 19 in a hospital in Kochi. After nearly 2 years of marriage, they finally welcomed their first child, though Dileep’s second child. Given the fact that this actor also has another kid with Manju Warrier, his ex-wife.

Dileep announced to his fans his daughter's birth

Dileep could not hide his happiness in his announcement on social media. Following this, the Malayalam actor informed that the baby and her mom were fine. He received a host of congratulations from his co-workers as well as fans. Actor Joju George commented “Congrats God bless” and director Ranjith Sankar said “Congrats!”

Kavya organized her baby shower last month

The actor’s family and friends threw a baby shower together with the 35th birthday party for her on September 19, one day before her birthday. The photos of the celebration have shared on the internet and the actress looked relatively contented at the yellow-themed party. A member from their family, in an interview, said that their whole family were very pleased about this news. Meenakshi, Dileep’s daughter, would have a little sister. She further added that the actor duo Dileep and Kavya were very excited about it.

Meenakshi became a big sister

Meenakshi is currently living with her father and stepmother after the divorce of her parents and she is 18 years old now. As Dileep said the marriage with Kavya got a full approval from his daughter. Before the actor was imprisoned for the incident of sexual harassment against a well-known Malayalam actress, three of them used to have quality time together.

The alleged affair

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Dileep and Kavya have been a nation’s most-loved onscreen couple before tying the knot in the year of 2016. However, before this marriage, people have been obsessed with the love affair of them for over 10 years. The female actor Kavya was also accused of being the “third wheel” in Dileep’s family life for years, though, the gossip finally culminated in their wedding.


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