Aasma Khamkar Talks About Her Very First Movie Project 'Sohalla'

Bindhiya Nhi |Dec 09, 2018

Aasma Khamkar, the daughter of the famous choreographer Phulwa Khamkar, is going to debut on screen with 'Sohalla'. How does she feel about this chance?


Aasma Khamkar is the daughter of the famous Indian choreographer and dancer Phulwa Khamkar. Despite the fact that her mother is very famous in the industry, Aasma's life in the past was just like any other child. She focused on studying and dancing lessons from her mother. However, at the age of 14, Aasma received her very first offer to be on screen. She was going to has a role in 'Sohalla' together with Sachin Pilgaonkar and Shilpa Tulaskar. The director of 'Sohalla' is Gajendra Ahire, who had received many film awards due to his talent.

Aasma admitted that she had this precious chance thanks to her mother Phulwa. She said that Gajendra saw her images on Phulwa's Instagram and that's why he knew her. Afterward, the winner of 'Critic Best Film' in 'Marathi Filmfare 2014 Awards' came to meet her mother. He wanted to give a role in his new project 'Sohalla' to her daughter. Aasma did not want to accept the offer at first, saying that she 'genuinely wanted to concentrate on my school and studies' because she was just 14 years old. However, she decided to give a try after Gajendra gave her encouragement.


Being a newbie as she had never tried acting before, the first day on filming set was not easy for Aasma. She described herself to be a clueless and inexperienced person. However, it was director Gajendra who helped her at the very beginning. They shot the movie last year, and the young actress confessed that she just did everything instinctively.
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Working with Sachin Pilgaonkar and Shilpa Tulaskar was such a joyful time to Phulwa's daughter. She said that both of her co-stars were friendly and kind. Talking about Shilpa, Aasma revealed that they shared the same hobby of reading books. In addition, she described Sachin to be a sweet person. There was one time she had to hold Sachin back in a scene. Unfortunately, she failed and caused him bruises. Aasma kept on saying apologize to the actor but he was too kind and just laughed it off.


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