Top 50 Most Desirable Men: No.42 - Jassi Gill Has What It Takes To Be The Punjabi Youth Icon

Bindhiya Nhi |May 25, 2019

Jassi Gill is a brand new face in Top 50 Most Desirable Men 2018 but in fact, he is already one of the most famous Punjabi singers in the industry.

India has voted and chosen their dream man for Top 50 Most Desirable Men 2018, and the highly-anticipated result is finally out. As expected, there are many new entrants who make it to the top 50 thanks to their amazing talents, dashing looks, and immense charm. One of the new faces of this year is renowned Punjabi singer Jassi Gill as he ranks at No.42 for the very first time.

Jassi Gill Singer
Source: Times of India

Whenever we want to do any party, we give the first preference to Punjabi songs, especially Jassi Gill's hits. Born on 26 November 1988 in Ludhiana, the singer's real name is Jasdeep Singh Gill. He first started his music career in 2011 when he released his debut album Bachmate.
Since then, the chocolate Punjabi guy has been stealing the hearts of many female fans with his songs. In fact, Jassi Gill has the most female following in Punjab, being one of the most famous Punjabi singers today. Following his success as a singer, he explored other avenues in the industry by donning the hats of a music composer and even becoming an actor.
Here's what you should know about Top 50 Most Desirable Men new entrant Jassi Gill who is named as the Punjabi youth icon!

Top 50 Most Desirable Men - Jassi Gill Graduated With Maximum Marks In Music

You may not know this but Jassi Gill was least interested in studies during his school days. In fact, the singer revealed that one of his favorite memories in the past is that he always ran away from classrooms. As Jassi was not a bright student, he decided to take two practical subjects in Gobindgarh College. Eventually, he got maximum marks and graduated from his school successfully. The two subjects were physical education and music, but Jassi never knew that the second one could become his career one day.

Top 50 Most Desirable Men - Jassi Gill's Talent Was Discovered By His Teacher

Jassi Gill studied music while he was in college, but he was never serious about being a singer in the future. One day, his professor entered the class and he asked his students: "Who can sing well in this class?" One of Jassi's friends recommended him and that was the turning point of the Punjabi icon's life. Later, his professor motivated Jassi to pursue singing, and thanks to his advice, he started dreaming to become a best and popular singer.

Top 50 Most Desirable Men - Jassi Gill Has Ups And Downs In His Music Career

Jassi Gill's song Churiyan from his debut album Bachmate was a blast in 2012. However, the singer was later looted by a music company and he started to feel depressed. Then he went to Australia and got a job as a car washer, earning money and studying people's taste of music for his next album. In 2013, he released Lancer, a song in his new album Bachmate 2 and guess what? Fans went crazy over it and since then, he has never been out of the mainline light in Punjabi entertainment industry.

Top 50 Most Desirable Men - Jassi Gill Is A Trendsetter In Punjab

Jassi Gill is known to be one of the most fashionable singers in Punjabi industry. Whatever the Lancer singer wears, Punjabi youth follows him blindly. His fashion motto is that clothes should match the body shape and the profession of a body. Fun fact: This guy has a profound love for turbans as he prefers wearing it on several special occasions.

Top 50 Most Desirable Men - Jassi Gill Is Already Married, Ladies!

As Jassi is the Punjabi's heartthrob, it is undoubtedly that many females want to know whether he is married or not. And yes, the charming singer is already married, though he has never made any official announcement via social media and his wife's name remains unknown.

Apart from Jassi Gill, there have been other new entrants to the list of Top 50 Most Desirable Men 2018 such as Vicky Kaushal, Vijay Deverakonda, Ishaan Khatter and more. Among the new faces, national crush Vicky Kaushal topped the list, winning widespread praise for his performances in Raazi and Sanju.


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