Madonna Gets A Serious Relationship With Her 25-Year-Old Boyfriend, Ahlamalik Williams

Rose Advani |Dec 31, 2019

Madonna and her 25-year-old boyfriend Ahlamalik Williams keep the serious relationship when Williams' father, Drue said that his son and singer Madonna dated for a long time.

Recently, William's father, Drue said that his son and the singer Madonna have been dating for a long time and giving much love together. That suggesting fans about a serious relationship between the Take A Bow singer and the 25-year-old boyfriend, Ahlamalik Williams.

Madonna gets a serious relationship with Ahlamalik Williams
Madonna gets a serious relationship with Ahlamalik Williams

The Material Girl singer had a meaningful 2019 by falling in love with  Ahlamalik Williams. Age is never an issue for lovers. She does not shy anyway when appearing alongside her boyfriend who is a dancer at the age of 25. The 61-year-old singer often share photos and videos with William that prove a serious relationship between them.


The Take A Bow singer has shared the videos that they were flying into town from New York City and look comfortable and happy together.

According to the latest report in TMZ, Drue, the father of William, stated that his son and The Like A Virgin singer dated over a year and they got a serious relationship.

Also, he added that the couple began dating in 2015 when Ahlamalik Williams auditioned for Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour.

Madonna Rebel Heart Tour 2015 Stockholm 2305147229
Madonna Performed In The Rebel Heart Tour

Additionally, William's mother and father attended one of her shows following the Crazy For You invitation. Mr. Drue also revealed that Madonna loved William unconditionally.


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