The Jonas Brothers' Reunion Is The Best Thing You Can Expect From 2019

Priyansh Ha |Feb 20, 2019

This is epic! 6 years after splitting up, 3 brothers of the Jonas are going to reunite in their upcoming project under a new moniker: “Jonas”.

Fans are going crazy with the news that The Jonas Brother is going to get reunited.

This is epic! 6 years after splitting up, 3 pieces of the Jonas Brother are going to reunite in their upcoming project under a new moniker: “Jonas”.

Three brothers reportedly flew to London to prepare for the comeback projects, including new songs and a special documentary. After several significant achievements in their solo careers, they’ve decided to do something interesting, together.

They Haven't Confirmed It Yet...

While Joe, Kevin and Nick are quiet on this fantastic news, so many sources confirmed that it was real, which made fans go crazy. All of them agree that it is the best-unexpected thing to happen in the year 2019.

Even when Nick Jonas haven’t said anything on it, he liked many posts around the band’s reunion. Among them is a boy’s post which reads, “11 years ago I became a fan of the Jonas Brothers but I never had the chance to see them live. If a reunion is really gonna happen, I will be the happiest man on earth.”

In facts, the rumour of the Jonas Brothers reunion has been sparked since January 2018 after the activation of their official Instagram page. Nick, however, slammed it away saying that they wanted to focus on their own lives. “Never say never. I think that there are some great things happening in all of our lives individually still and we are all focusing on that at the moment,” he said.


The Band Split Up Due To A Deft Rift

Founded in 2005, the Jonas Brother quickly gained popularity through the Disney Channel channel. However, the band of three suddenly split up October 2013 and deleted the band’s Twitter account. According to their spokesman, it was “a deep rift within the band” which led to the breakup.


They Are Close To Each Other

Despite the breakup, three brothers of the Jonas are getting along well. Last year, Kevin Jonas released that three of them still play music together.

Both of two elder brothers spent time in India attending Nick Jonas and Priyanka’s wedding at the end of last year. Joe and Sophie Turner, his fiancée, performed a duet at the wedding celebration. Four of them, including Priyanka, enjoyed their ski vacation in Switzerland last year together.


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