Taylor Swift Superfans Point Out Some Hints Relating To Her April 26's New Album

Jyotis |Apr 16, 2019

Taylor's superfans have pointed out that April 26 could be the SINGLE RELEASE day basing on many pieces of evidence posted on February 24.

Taylor Swift's fans all over the world are fascinating because of the latest actions of the Love story's singer. Whether the singer is preparing to have an impressive comeback after 2017's Reputation?

Yesterday, 14 April, Taylor took to Instagram to share a cryptic status, captioned "4.26". Also, Taylor's official website was turned into a watercolored, pastel countdown clock. Besides buying digital billboards in big cities all over the world and organizing countdown online, the Reputation's hitmaker bought the domain "www.apriltwentysix.com" which was set to redirect to "www.taylorswift.com."

Taylor Swift April 26 Album Reveal
Image: Taylor Swift's Instagram

"A SINGLE RELEASE day!" Taylor's superfan stated with many pieces of evidence basing on what the singer posted on February 24.

"Crazy Theory: So if there’s 60 stars as some have said, let’s say there’s about 60/61 ⭐️ There’s 61 days until April 26, FRIDAY, a SINGLE RELEASE day! Another connection is April 26 is Arbor Day, a connection to PALM TREES!? ? @taylorswift13 look what your doing to us, " he captioned.

Moreover, country music's princess' fans interestingly pointed out that the seventh album couldn't be country or pop basing on the palm trees. "There are two palm trees on the right (2 pop albums). There is one large palm tree in the middle. This represents her new album. It’s gonna be a diff genre than anything she’s ever done, " an Instagram account named Lex said.

On her Instagram, Taylor often shared colorful images with a caption relating to butterfly iconography. This could be a colorful journey with transformative messages after the Reputation album filling with snakes.

Colorful images of Taylor
Image: Taylor Swift's Instagram

Colorful Images of Taylor
Image: Taylor Swift's Instagram

Butterfly hints on April 26 Album
Image: Taylor Swift's Instagram

Everything stopped at guessing. There's no official confirmation from the representative of Taylor. Nonetheless, according to Entertainment Tonight, the singer was caught leaving a recording studio in New York City on Thursday. Whether this is the studio of her upcoming album?


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