Taylor Swift Marks The Milestone Of 13 Years Making Music By Her Old Diary Entries In Her New Album “Lover”

Nalini Suri |Jul 25, 2019

“Queen of country music” Taylor Swift celebrates 13 years of her entry to the music industry by her diary entries in her upcoming album.

The master of various hits in country music, Taylor Swift, will be releasing her personal diary alongside her upcoming album Lover as it turns to the 13th year since her debut in making music. The 29-year-old singer is all set to launch her new record on August 23rd together with 120-page diaries in 4 deluxe album editions.

taylor swift the archer

Taylor Swift diary

She revealed the appearance of her massive collection of diaries for Lover in a live stream video on Instagram:


Taylor Swift diary

Taylor continued:


Meanwhile, she has just hit a new song named The Archer which is the most individual track from Lover and explained that it would be track five to follow the tradition of her previous records.

She shared:


The Archer - Taylor Swift

The singer’s perennial friend Jack Antonoff is the one who co-produced the song The Archer. In the past, they have cooperated on multifarious songs and apparently one more in this special album.

It’s unbelievable that Taylor Swift passed 13 years of her music career with numerous loveable songs that hit the top spot on digital chart as well as Music awards. We are just waiting for the release of her upcoming album and falling into the celebration’s firework.


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