Singer Shaan and his child to reproduce the DuckTales title track in Hindi

Author |Sep 12, 2018

Singer Shaan and his 13-year-old child, Shubh, have teamed up to reproduce the famous title track of comic drama arrangement DuckTales in Hindi.

Shaan Shubh Fathers Day Song 759

Shaan Mukherjee and his son released the new version of DuckTales title track. Shantanu Mukherjee is a famous Indian singer and a television host.

Disney Channel India will release DuckTales on October 1. This song tells us about adventures of Duckburg’s family of ducks includes Donald Duck, his triplest and Scrooge McDuck. This project marks the collaboration of Shaan and Shubh in Hindi music industry.

In an announcement, Shaan says that he is a big fan of these series. So, he expects that the next generation will have good conditions to grow up with this song. Especially, the title brings the feeling of adventure so that why it has a new Hindi version. In addition, he can also share it with his son Shubh.

According to Devika Prabhu, DuckTales takes an important role in Disney's history. And also in India. Beside that, DuckTales brings a huge exposed spirit for next generation. Moreover, this version is seen as an iconic in Hindi music so that it will be excited to both kids and even adults.

With special style affected by Carl Barks’ comic, this version will highlight the role of friendship and family, with many elements such as mystery, adventure and comedy at this project.


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