Happy Birthday Shaan: Here's The Tribute To Melodious Singer Of Bollywood With Some Of His Best Songs

Vaishnavi Gavankar |Sep 30, 2019

He has proactively sung in Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Urdu, Telugu and Kannada dialects to give some examples.

It's Shaan's birthday! The resonant vocalist turns 47 today and we can't thank the universe enough for bringing such a particular voice for the group of spectators. Conceived Shantanu Mukherjee, he is famously known as Shaan.


He has proactively sung in Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Urdu, Telugu and Kannada dialects to give some examples. Today on his birthday here's a tribute to a portion of his prominent hits which we want to murmur once more... what's more, once more... what's more, once more...

Chand Sifarish (Fanaa)

This lively track which highlights Aamir Khan and Kajol ahead of the pack has been one of his most mainstream melodies. Shaan has that underhandedness in his voice which is the feature of the tune.

Tanha Dil is Shaan's collection. There's not any from the 90s who wouldn't have murmured this number. Shaan's vocals in Tanha Dil flawlessly reverberated feelings of numerous who walk the way to satisfy their fantasies alone.

Hit Se Tere Naina (Saawariya)

Saawariya's Jab Se Tere Naina is one of the most sentimental tunes ever. Each time you tune in to the tune, you begin to look all starry eyed at it somewhat more. Warble with Shaan and hit the dance floor with Ranbir Kapoor on Jab Se Tere Naina...

Hello Shona (Ta Ra Rum Pum)

This must be the most lovely sentimental tunes ever. Rani Mukerji and Saif Ali Khan romancing in the grand areas would make anybody begin to look all starry eyed at. It pictures the romantic things that are traded between the darlings.

Woh Pehli Baar (Pyaar Mein Kabhi)

This is additionally one of the most prominent melodies of Shaan. Highlighting Rinke Khanna, Dino Morea and others it portrays the sentiment of unexplainable adoration. Hit by sentimentality?

My Dil Goes Mmmmm (Salaam Namaste)

The freshly discovered darlings would have warbled this hit all the time back when it discharged. Indeed, regardless it sounds new, so why not chime in?

Woh Ladki Hain Kahaan (Dil Chahta Hai)

When you are searching for that unique individual... That reminds us, there wouldn't be a feeling that Shaan hasn't passed on vocally, wouldn't you say? It is safe to say that you are as yet searching for adoration? These verses would hit you hard...

Tune Mujhe Pehchana Nahi (Raju Chacha)

Most astonishing admissions are through a melody, wouldn't you say? All things considered, it highlights one of the most sentimental couples Ajay Devgn and Kajol.

Suno Na (Jhankaar Beats)

Who needs to tune in to pulses? This is probably the best tune you could tune in to...

Wish you an extremely Happy Birthday, Shaan!


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