Singer Bappi Lahiri To Remake Iconic Song Jhumka Gira Re

Imran Asif Fazal |Feb 29, 2020

Jhumka Gira Re is an iconic song which continues to be a retro hit in the Indian film industry.

The iconic song Jhumka Gira Re from film Mera Saaya continues to be a retro favorite even after 24 years. Now singer Bappi Lahiri has announced that he will recreate the song for upcoming film Ishq Nachaunda Hai. The veteran singer also revealed that the entire song will be picturized in Jhumka Nagari of Bareilly at the zero point. The famous point has been named the Jhumka Tiraha.

Bappi Lahiri will compose the song Jhumka Gira Re for upcoming film Ishq Nachaunda Hai.

Talking about his new fascination to recreate Jhumka Gira Re, Bappi Lahiri said that he is extremely excited about his new song. Jhumka Bareilly Wala song is inspired by the iconic song Jhumka Gira Re. He aims to recreate the song and focus on it to present t in a way that it becomes more iconic than the original song in future. He said that it was his desire to compose a remixed version of the Jhumka song. He dedicates this song to people of Bareilly and is dedicated to people connected with Jhumka nagari.

He explained that the song will be exclusively shot in Bareilly at the Jhumka point with a huge installation in the backdrop. The film will feature in the film Ishq Nachaunda Hai and will have a groovy and peppy music number. He wants to compose the song in a stylish way. He also plans to make a solo album on Bareilly ka jhumka.

He also spoke about how the trend of remixing old songs have hit Bollywood with a fire. Bappi Lahiri said that the he has given the song a soul. He is happy that recreated versions of songs like  Yaar Bina Chain Kahan Re and Bhankas, his composition and voice from the original have been retained. He is happy with the fact that disco music has been kept alive.


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