Singer Shreya Ghoshal Was Rejected To Carry Her Instruments Along By Singapore Airlines

Vaishnavi Gavankar |May 16, 2019

As soon as the singer revealed her helplessness on the social media site, fans across the globe came together in support of her. Singapore Airlines replied to her tweet with an apology.

Yesterday, Twitter was busy and buzzing all day when Shreya Ghoshal took it to the social media platform to bash Singapore Airlines when they denied her to carry her music instruments along. Lambasting the airline she wrote on her Twitter handle "I guess @SingaporeAir does not want musicians or anybody who has a precious instrument to fly with on this airline. Well. Thank you. Lesson learned."

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Singer Shreya Ghoshal

Known for the calm demeanor she had never seen outburst to such an extent. The fans noted it too and made that a point to put weight on her side saying that the Bollywood playback singer won't take such a harsh step had the situation been less perturb. She had never used her Twitter handle to point out any issues in the past, this is the first of any such incident where she officially took it to the social media.

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Soon Twitter was flooded with comforting messages from her fans across the globe. While it is not clear what the playback singer had tried to took with her, there are some clear guidelines stated by the Singapore Airlines for carrying any musical instruments along.

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The Airlines in its catalog strictly warns against carrying any oversized musical instruments like cello and double bass. Also, if you'd prefer against checking in your musical instrument, the airlines advised bringing one on board by purchasing an extra seat to accommodate the instrument. They also clearly mentions that the musical instrument shouldn't exceed the height limit of 127 cm / 50 inches (height) and 45.72 cm / 18 inches width. Also, the instrument should not exceed 40 kg of weight.

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Though the reason behind the denial is not clear yet, the airlines too replied back on her tweet saying, "Hi Shreya, we are sorry to hear this. May we seek more details of your concerns and what was last advised by our colleagues? Thank you." The measures to be taken to shed some more clarity into the incident would be worth seeing.


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