Rihanna Ends Her 3-Year-Old Relationship With Her Boyfriend Hassan Jameel For A New Beau?

Ankita Chetana |Jan 21, 2020

According to a report, Rihanna has been spotted with a rapper who is considered to be the reason for the singer’s split with her 3-year boyfriend Hassan Jameel.

Finally, after two years and a half dating together, Rihanna has ended her love affair with Saudi-based entrepreneur Hassan Jameel. As per a report by Us Weekly, the two linked up together initially in June 2017. Nonetheless, following an outlet source, they officially fell in love with each other some weeks later.


The American singer and her beau locked their romance in privacy most of the time. Until last June, she published her secret relationship profile when sharing with the Interview magazine. In detail, she opened up that she actually loved Hassan but hesitated to be tied in the marriage plan. Rihanna further added that her desire of being a mother is stronger than any other thing.


Three months later, a source spilled the beans that Hassan and Rihanna mesh their personalities and understanding perfectly together. The couple’s case seemed to be evidence of the opposite attract when Hassan is serious whereas the Diamond singer keeps her mind wild and fun. In October last year, an insider ingeminated what connected the duo together and how they remained it.

Rihanna Hassan Jameel

Earlier in February of the same year, both of them were seen making a birthday celebration for Rihanna at the Lakers game in Los Angeles. At that time, the duo expressed their romance together by cheering excitedly there.

Later in August, the 31-year-old singer arranged a dating time for Hassan and her family including her mother Monica Braithwaite as well as her brother. They came to enjoy dinner at a restaurant located somewhere in Santa Monica. The people who witnessed that night confirmed that the couple was hand in hand and all of them shared a great time together.


But recently, Rihanna was seen alongside A$AP Rocky when they laughed together at the backstage of the 2020 Yams Day Benefit Concert. Last December, the singer was also spotted to attend the rapper’s concert in Sweden.


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