Ranu Mondal Want To Reunite With Daughter Elizabeth Sathi Roy: "I Don't Want To Dwell In Past"

Mina Muzumdar |Sep 12, 2019

Despite report claims that Ranu Mondal has been abandoned by her daughter, the singer shares a heartwarming message that she want they can be soon together some day. Read details!

Internet sensation and viral singer Ranu Mondal has recently reacted to an article claiming that she was abandoned by daughter Elizabeth Sathi Roy. The singer who was discovered singing at a railway station then expressed her hope to reunite with her daughter again in the near future.

Ranu Mondal and her daughter Elizabeth Sathi Roy

Earlier, Elizabeth Sathi took the Internet by storm as she shared her mother was controlled by her manager. In response, the 58-year-old singer clarified the news, saying:

Screenshot 51


From a railway singer, after video recording her amazing voice went viral, Ranu Mondal has become an Internet sensation and has the opportunity to work with famous Bollywood music director such as Himesh Reshammiya. In detail, she collaborated with Himesh Reshammiya in his upcoming movie Happy Hardy and Heer.

Talking about her first song for a Bollywood movie, the singer said:Screenshot 52

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