Mlindo The Vocalist Drops New Hints On His New Release. When Will The Star Officially Return?

Salena Harshini |Mar 16, 2021

Mlindo The Vocalist has recently taken to social media to announce his new music which he will be dropping soon.

Mlindo The Vocalist has step by step dropped his new hints on the new projects.

Previously, the singer had dropped a photo referring to his new track along with a caption that says, “Music Ready to drop 😎”

Mlindo The Vocalist1

Now that he has released another sneak peek of his new number, fans are getting even more excited.

Mlindo the Vocalist has recently shared on Instagram that he will drop his new music soon! Check out the teaser in the video below:

Taking to the platform, he teases fans as he posted a video of himself in a studio. With the sound of a new track playing in the background, fans are already in love.

The star has been speaking of an upcoming project and people assume that it will be an album. Without a doubt, the album is absolutely highly anticipated.

Mlindo the Vocalist talks about foul play

Apart from releasing the new works, the singer also made headlines for other reasons.

Mlindo The Vocalist Tweet1

Previously, the AmaBlesser singer had opened up about the foul play happening in the entertainment industry. Sharing what he has experienced, he spilled the beans on how greedy some people can be.

In his series of tweets, he shared that there was some stuff that troubles his spirit. It was eating him from the inside but he was not able to talk about it until then.

Mlindo The Vocalist Tweet2

Mlindo The Vocalist Tweet

This is post when he inclined that some people are so selfish. Before the greedy people tweet, an emotional Mlindo the Vocalist told his followers that he wanted to tell them a story.

While it was not clear what sparked his young rant, the star also reminisced about the day he got on the bus and went to the City of Gold with a dream to living out his life.

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