"Leaving Neverland": 5 Shocking Revelations From The Controversial Michael Jackson Documentary

Maanyata Thu |Mar 04, 2019

In "Leaving Neverland," Wade Robson and James Safechuck allege that they were sexually abused by Michael Jackson when they were boys

Michael Jackson
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The curtain of Michael Jackson’s personal life has been pulled back and what has been exposed is that the star made use of his fame to prey upon young and impressionable boys. All these things were disclosed in Leaving Neverland, which features interviews with Wade RobsonJames Safechuck and their families as they talk about how they became friends with Michael and how the alleged sexual abuse occurred.  They claim that the abuse occurred several years ago and they were coerced into lying. “I understand why it is so hard for [fans] to believe it”, he added, “We can only accept and understand something when we are ready,” Wade said. Below are 5 of the most shocking revelations from Leaving Neverland.

1. The Abuse Began At An Early Age

James Safechuck met Michael Jackson when he was cast in a Pepsi commercial with him in 1986 and Michael later took James, then 10, and his family on tour.

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Meanwhile, Wade Robson was an aspiring dancer when he met Michael Jackson at the backstage of his concert in Brisbane. Michael and Wade, then 7, established one instant bond and Michael convinced Wade’s mother to let him stay over. That night, Michael performed oral sex on Wade, put his tongue in his mouth and said ‘This is how we show our love’.

2. Macaulay Culkin Came Between Wade and Michael

Michael Jackson with Wade Robson (people.com)

According to Wade and his family, Michael convinced them to go to LA in 1991 and promised to pay all their expensive expenses. However, when they uprooted, Michael started giving them the cold shoulder. And only when arriving at the sets of the music video for Black and White, Wade realized the reason why: it’s Macaulay Culkin - the star kid from Home Alone.

When Michael was dragged into his lawsuit in 1993, he refocused on Wade to make sure that he would testify for him and he complied. Wade also claimed he anally penetrated him for the first time when he was 14 years old and it was their last sexual encounter.

3. Michael Gave James A Wedding Ring

Michael Jackson and James Safechuck (independent.ie)

James said that Jackson gave him a wedding ring and they had a mock wedding ceremony and exchanged vows.


Screenshot 81

He still kept this ring, which was shown on-screen. He also declared that the pop star had given him pieces of jewelry in exchange for sexual act. James added,

Screenshot 82

4. Michael Jackson Forced Them To Lie

James said that Michael would "run drills" with him on how to avoid the two of them getting caught.

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Michael also threatened Wade that if he said anything about this, he would end up in jail

5. Michael’s Behaviour Changed Dramatically Before His Death

Wade Robson
Wade Robson

Wade claimed that they last met in 2008 when he was working as a choreographer and Michael was coming - showed the evidence that he was in decline. Wade said that Michael filled one plastic cup to the brim with wine and drank it all then refilled the cup.

James rejected to testify for Jackson in his 2005 trial. He said that Jackson called him and promised to help him in building his career but he rejected this offer.


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