Indianapolis Children’s Museum Removed Michael Jackson Items Post “Leaving Neverland”

Laavanya Hien |Mar 20, 2019

Three items of Michael Jackson were removed by the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis this month from exhibits following the airing of controversial film “Leaving Neverland”.

Three items of Michael Jackson were removed by the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis this month, joining a small number of organisations which have assessed the interrelation again to the late celebrity following the airing of Leaving Neverland a documentary film on HBO.

The two-part movie, premiering 3rd and 4th of March, concentrates on James Safechuck and Wade Robson, two men who claimed Jackson abused them sexually as they were still children.

Michael Jackson items

The collection director of this museum, Chris Carron said, 


The Jackson poster and the glove & fedora that Jackson put on onstage are removed from being displayed at that museum. For more details, the glove and fedora - which were acquired from Gotta Have Rock & Roll, the auction house in New York in 2017 - were on display in the exhibit “American Pop” within the Galleries for American Arts & Popular Culture of the museum.

The Jackson poster was considered a tribute of Ryan White in the exhibit “Power of Children.” Mainly, White - who died in the year of 1990 - was diagnosed with unexpected AIDS following the blood transfusion.

Michael Jackson items

After the airing of Leaving Neverland, radio stations located in Netherlands, New Zealand, and Canada pulled the music of Jackson from playlists. One 1991 episode from the TV series The Simpsons which starred Jackson as a guest has been eliminated from the streaming platforms; then it won’t appear in boxed sets in the future. On Thursday, Louis Vuitton a well-known fashion company from France announced that it would stop producing Jackson-influenced pieces in this winter/autumn 2019 collection.

On the air

In the USA, the music playlists of Micheal Jackson have not been pulled by any radio stations. As stated by a report from Billboard magazine, Jackson’s song spins dropped by 13 % at the satellite and terrestrial radio stations throughout the nation post Leaving Neverland film premiered.

On the contrary, the public streamed and purchased an accelerating amount of music playlist of Jackson post Leaving Neverland” film premiered. The combined song and album sales of Jackson (encompassing his cooperation with the renowned Jackson 5 as well as the Jacksons) grew by 10 % between 3rd and 5th of March in comparison with the last week. Jackson’s music on-demand streams increased six per cent within the same period.

Michael Jackson

A call of the museum

Carron revealed that removing three of Michael Jackson's items was the group decision. He said 


Michael Jackson items

Jackson, visiting the Children’s Museum in the year of 1990, did stand beside Jeanne White, mother of Ryan White, throughout the funeral service of Ryan at Indianapolis’s Second Presbyterian Church.

Leaving Neverland depicts thoroughly comprehensive interviews with James Safechuck, Wade Robson, and their family’s members, who claim that years-long abuse of Jackson lasted till they’re 14.


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