Helicopter Eela: Kajol and Tota Roy Chowdhury’s Chemistry sets Dooba Dooba on fire

Author |Oct 05, 2018

The song Dooba Dooba will melt your heart at the first melody.

The veteran Bollywood actor Kajol is about to release her next film 'Helicopter Eela'. The producers have unveiled the song Dooba Dooba from the film.

The maverick filmmaker Pradeep Sarkar is in charge of helming the film.

The song stars Kajol, Riddhi Sen and Tota Roy Chowdhury. It talks about the romantic love between Eela and her man; the bond between Eela and her son. Eela’s husband has suddenly disappeared right after she gives birth to their baby.

Actually, Dooba Dooba is a touching number which goes perfectly in sync with the theme of the film. It brings about a very soothing feeling with simple, meaningful lyrics along with catchy, soft tune that fits into the mood of the song.

The soulful singing voices of the talented Sunidhi Chouhan and a favorite playback singer Arijit Singh has fans buzzing about the hit. The melodious track takes you back to the 90s and soft vocals leave your heart humming.

Helicopter Eela is penned by Anand Gandhi and Mitesh Shah based on the Gujarati Play 'Beta Kaagdo'. In the film, Kajol stars as a single mom who always wants to oversee his son, which makes him irritated. As a result, Eela has to find consolation in music.

Kajol showed her gratefulness to today’s audience when they have changed their attitude towards female-centric films.

The film will hit the cinemas on October 12, 2018.


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