Gajendra Verma: I Have Evolved As A Musician

Maanyata Thu |Jan 23, 2019

“I’ve evolved as a musician. I’m not the same person I was when Emptiness released”, Gajendra Verma talked about his new album Flip

Singer-Composer Gajendra Verma, who is famous for hit songs namely Emptiness, Ik Kahani, Mera Jahan and Tera Ghata, has never made sure of anything else in his life as much as music.

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Gajendra Verma

The singer has just released the song Khelegi Kya from the new album Flip. The whole album will have ten songs and is set to release by the end of February. Talking about Flip”, Gajendra said,

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Gajendra added that music was evolving so he had experimented with different types of music such as some sad songs or peppy numbers and now he wanted to try his hands at other music genres.

According to Gajendra Verma, there will be four music videos for this album. When asked how he has chosen and finalised his songs, the singer shared that the first thing was the song had to interest him and before it was released, he had listened to the song 1000 times. He stated,

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Gajendra Verma has performed around the country, and the singer-composer does tweak his sets about 10% depending on the place. He shared,

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Having tasted the sweetness of success in a short time, Gajendra Verma has always known the way to not let the fame get to him and stay grounded. He said,

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He added that his brother had been sceptical when he had first started his music career, but his brother was now happy with the way he had grown.


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