Famous Singer Sid Sriram Changes To Be Songwriter For Mani Ratnam’s Next Production

Nalini Suri |Jul 11, 2019

Sid Sriram owing to a huge asset of Tamil and Telugu hits will change to be the composer for Mani Ratnam’s upcoming production.

The voice of a number of hits in Tamil and Telugu Sid Sriram is now announced to debut as a songwriter for the upcoming production in Tamil named Vaanam Kottatum that director Mani Ratnam will perform.

Sid Sriram

Following a report, the maker crew has first signed the contract of the composer with Govind Vasantha. Nevertheless, as it took time to release a product because of Govind that they had to deal with the deadline problems. Eventually, they had Sid Sriram replaced to speed up the project.

Talking about this issue, executive producer Siva Ananth of the banner noted that:


Sid Sriram

Meanwhile, Sriram also shared that he is indeed expecting to put all of his attempts to completely present the new sound in this album.


Sid Sriram

The film Vaanam Kottatum which is set to release in July will feature actors Aishwarya Rajesh, Vikram Prabhu, Radikaa Sarath Kumar and Madonna Sebastian in the lead roles.

Vaanam Kottatum
The cast in "Vaanam Kottatum"

Dhanasekaran’s directorial has turned Sid Sriram’s career into a new page with a new influence of music. He has been well-known for his own hits and will promisingly launch the hits for others.


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