EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: "We Have Very Special Projects Coming Up For Our Fans", Says Emiway Bantai

Imran Asif Fazal |Aug 24, 2019

Emiway Bantai believes that the Indian underground rap industry is growing and Bollywood industry has started accepting rap artists.

Rapper Emiway has become one of the top independent rap artists in the underground rap music industry. With over 7 million subscribers on YouTube, Emiway has now collaborated with an Italian born Indian musicologist and vocalist Celina Sharma.

They will be seen in a music album Lean On Me which will be released next month. Emiway Bantai has become rap God for his fans. During an interaction with STARBIZ correspondent Imran Fazal, Emiway spoke about his future projects.


Emiway and international collaboration for Lean On Me, what is it all about?

The song is called Lean On and it’s coming out next month on 27 September. So, this is something new. It’s a completely English song and there is a small bit of Hindi rap in the song.

Just like how it’s done in Hindi songs. There’s a continuous song, then there is rap but this time it’s like something new. I was very excited about this collaboration (Celina Sharma) and when we heard the song for the first time, I was very excited. So I keep on changing new tracks and I keep on working in different zones.

You have always chosen to remain an independent artist. Any particular reason behind it? 

I believe in freedom of speech and freedom for an artist to write and sing songs is very important. My team has always believed in the same concept. From day one since I have been working I always emphasized on freedom of artists. Also, we are working with different artists on different projects.

My fans have given so much love and support without me rapping under any mainstream music label. Today, wherever I have reached, is due to love and support of my fans who have always liked my songs and have grooved to it with so much enthusiasm.


Do you think underground rap music is changing and how much important it is for an artist? 

Definitely, underground rap music is taking such a big leap into the mainstream industry in India as well as abroad. It will definitely be a plus point for budding artists. For me, rap music is a very different scene and my fans want me to make new songs. I think India is now ready for new songs.

You are also known for diss tracks which target other rap artists present in the industry. Your take on it? 

The diss tracks written and by me became a huge hit on social media platforms. We never expected such a huge response from our fans. I wrote the song which was not planned for any such move. Now I have moved forward and now this collaboration will take Hindi rap internationally.


After a sudden change in the music industry and infusion of new rappers, what do you think about it? 

Indian hip-hop is a collective effort of all artists. Today we can see MC Altaf and Thorat from Mumbai are doing a great job in the rapping industry. Earlier no one was ready to accept our art form and now people have started accepting it. So we have got a great fan base.

We have seen that rappers have written controversial songs. What is your take on it?

I believe in freedom of speech and I have written such songs which have never hurt people. I always think about right or wrong in society. I always keep on taking advice from real people.

I have never gone through a patch in which my fans or anybody else have felt hurt. I believe that women are beautiful and I ensure to write fun tracks for them and never thought to hurt them.


So any special project(s) in the pipeline for your fans? 

Currently, we have so many things on our hand. The team is doing good. The Bollywood industry has started recognizing our work. We have very special projects coming up for our fans. So wait and watch!


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