Celine Dion sued by ICM Partners For Unpaid Commission On $500 Million Deal

Kanchana Ngan |Feb 16, 2019

Recently ICM Partners, the world-wide concert organizer and representative, sues Celine Dion for failure to pay commission on $500 million deal.

Canadian diva Celine Dion has lately been dropped as a client by ICM Partners. As claimed by the latter in the court case, she failed to pay commission on her concerts, as what agreed and dealt by both parties in 2017.

Celine Dion
Celine Dion has suffered from lots of ups and downs in personal life.

Celine Dion has been represented by Rob Prinz, a core member at ICM Partners, for 30 years since the beginning of her career. However, the agency's recent announcement to discard the representation and, furthermore, initiate a lawsuit against the artist leaves the public in shock.

Explaining for this action, ICM Partners said that Celine Dion refused to pay the balance of commissions she owes the agency on 2017's deal. According to it, they support the singer in her unprecedented $500 million, multi-year touring and other performances. In return, of course, she agrees to pay a certain amount of needed commissions. Her act of refusing payment is considered agreement breaking. They also made it clear that they still admire and respect her artistic talent. They regretfully had no choice but start this legal proceeding to ask for compensation they deserved to obtain. And of course, they "will no longer be representing her".


Regarding Celine Dion's property, it is publicised by Billboard Boxscore that she owns the two highest-grossing-of-all-time residences in Vegas. One makes a benefit of $385.1 million across 714 shows, while the other brings about $245.5 million across 375 shows. However, the singer announced last September that she will soon have to say goodbye to the latter one, her long-time residency at Caesar's Palace, at the end of 2019 after eight years.

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Her 2018 summer tour also grossed an exclusive amount of $56.5 million across 22 shows. It is supposed by many people that her unpaid commissions despite all of those luxurious properties owe its root to numerous ups and downs she has to suffer in life, from the death of husband and brother to her own acute disease.

A biographic about the superstar, titled The Power of Love, is scheduled to have its premiere in 2020.


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