Camila Cabello On Why She Didn't Kiss Shawn Mendes At AMAs

Aesha |Dec 06, 2019

If anyone wonders why Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes did not share kiss at AMAs, the former has had a reason for this when she attended Ellen show.

Camila Cabello has been in a spectacular phase of her career and also her love life. Ever since her romantic relationship of Camila and singer Shawn Mendes went public, they have almost always been seen joint at the hip.

She has not shied away from speaking of her beau and this very recent time is not an exception. When she attended the show of Ellen DeGeneres, she shared about their relationship and also mentioned that he was her crush before they became an item.


On being questioned whether she liked him when the two performed as a duo on Ellen DeGeneres show back in 206, she replied that she had met him on the tour of Austin Mahone around five or six years rewinding back. When they featured on Ellen, she surely had a crush on Shawn, said Camila.

She thinks both of them liked each other. However, she also said that they were being silly and being all babies about that. Now that years passed by and they are grown, she confidently asserted that she liked him then.


On the same talk show, the Havana singer also unveiled the reason they did not kiss during their performance at AMA 2019 which was held lately. She said they did kiss during their practice. In spite of that, when going on stage the two felt awkward as they were aware that the audience was expecting the kiss. That is why Shawn Mendes booped her on the nose.


On another hand, she performed Living Proof, her latest single for the Ellen show. She put on a pink outfit and there was a whole choir backing up for her in matching ensemble.

For the uninitiated, Camila Cabello has published her brand new album titled Romance. The singer shared that the songs are about falling in love and also mainly about the experiences when she was in and out of love with somebody.


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