Hidden Meanings Behind The Tattoos Of Hollywood Stars: Rihanna, Demi Lovato And More

Harshini |Sep 28, 2019

Getting tattoos is not something new to Hollywood stars, but the meaning behind each of their tattoos is still what provokes people's curiosity.

The life of the stars in the entertainment industry is always the attention magnet of fans. Therefore, celebrities’ tattoos and the messages, the hidden stories behind them attracts a lot of curiosity.

Wonder what the stars’ tattoos mean? They will be revealed right below.


Rihanna 3

The globally famous singer and fashion icon Rihanna was also caught having lots of drawings that keep on appearing on her body. She has a total of 25 tattoos and each work is unique and insightful.

The singer prefers small letters and characters to express her passion for music or special dates like the birthday of a close friend.

Rihanna 2

Many of these tattoos are words in Sanskrit, French or English to express her motto as becoming a "rebellious flower", or forgiveness, honesty, suppression and control, "Never a failure, always a lesson", "Freedom in God",...

But the most impressive figure is the Isis goddess spreading her wings under Rihanna's breasts. This is a tattoo to commemorate her grandmother who passed away after spending a long time fighting cancer.

Rihanna 1

This is a perfect choice because Isis in Egyptian culture is the ideal mother, wife and guardian goddess of people's lives.

Demi Lovato

As an artist who is “addicted” to getting inked, the Let It Go singer has a total of 25 tattoos on her body.

Demi became famous quite soon from the Disney launch pad. It was evident that she faced quite a lot of temptations in a complicated world like Hollywood. After many years sinking in addiction and experiencing many psychological crises, the star always has a way to remind herself, especially through tattooing.

Demi Tat

Many of Demi's tattoos show a strong and optimistic will to live as a guide in life. Phrases like "I'm a warrior", "Stay strong", "Let go" illustrate this lifestyle.

She also has some tattoos to help her remember the special things such as the Roman characters on the flank are the birth dates of her family members: her mother, two younger sisters, stepfather, and biological father.

Demi Tat 2

Demi Lion Tat

She also tattooed 12 birds flying up her forearms to symbolize the 12 steps of rehabilitation that she has undergone and a lion on the back of her right hand.

Angelina Jolie

The beautiful star had previously chosen discreet outfits to hide her tattoos from the public eyes. But during the premiere of her directorial First They Killed My Father, Angie was wearing a glamorous dress that skillfully showed off the tattoos she has.


Fans estimate that there are about 20 tattoos on Angelina's body and the meaning of each drawing, mysterious line has been dissected and analyzed by the public.

It seems that due to the great amount of time she spent on studying and giving special love to the countries in Southeast Asia, her tats are mostly influenced by the culture there. Angelina has quite a lot of large tattoos on her back made by a Thai Buddhist mage in Cambodia.


These tattoos include a mantra for her son Maddox, another chant with a wish for blessing and prosperity and a tattoo that ties into the conjugal relationship with Brad Pitt.

In addition, she also has a tattoo that symbolizes 4 continents and 4 elements in life: Earth - water - wind - fire and drawings of Buddhist temples to remind herself to always be lenient with people around her.

Selena Gomez

This beautiful singer also has quite a lot of ink on her body, but the most famous tattoo is the Arabic line on her back. This is a translated message with the meaning: "Love yourself first".

Selena Back

It seems that this insightful statement was the reminder she thought she needed to remember. This tattoo is very popular and many fans have taken inspiration from this and got a similar tattoo to that of hers.

It was so popular that Selena Gomez decided to put this text on her design in collaboration with a famous fashion brand.


Selena 13 Tat

Selena's other brushstrokes are small and become the inspiration for many girls around the world. The small semicolon on her wrist is also very special.

She joined the cast of the TV series 13 Reasons Why - a cult work that she participated in producing. The tattoo is an anti-suicide symbol with superior meaning: The dot can end a life but a comma opens a new chapter for you to live on.

Shawn Mendes

The handsome singer seems to love the art of tattooing as he owns three drawings that are not only fanciful and artistic but also have many meanings. The most visible tattoo is the guitar on Shawn's right arm. This is a combination of the Canadian landscape with a skyline, CN tower - the most famous tower in Toronto. Toronto is his hometown.


He once shared that this is his first tattoo so he wants it to have eternal meaning. It seems that his passion for music and love for his homeland is the things he always remembers.

Shawn also has a light bulb tattoo with a colourful flower that has a black root inside. This highly symbolic image was done after his Oslo tour as he aspires to remember this period of life.

Shawn Elephant

The third tattoo is a drawing of a simple, cute elephant. His mother also gets one as this is the twin tattoos the mother-son duo.

Miley Cyrus

Miley, although appearing as a sassy girl in public, is actually a quite emotional person. The evidence is that Miley's tattoos are accompanied by touching stories.

Miley Tat

The singer's first tattoo aims to remember her close friend who died of cystic fibrosis and two nieces who died of lung cancer.

She also shared the pain of tattooing that she never wants a meaningless tattoo. She always thinks of the deep meaning of the drawings she wants to have on the body. Therefore, she can overcome the pain in reality when having it tattooed. To the singer-actress, achieving everything takes pain or efforts and tattooing does, too.

Miley Vege

In addition, Miley also has a tattoo of black butter dish - a speciality of Australia. Australia is Liam Hemsworth's hometown, so it was probably her way to express the delicate love for her ex-husband.


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