Best Songs Of The Week That Indian Music Lovers Top In Their Favorite List

Rose Advani |Jan 13, 2020

Music industry in India made several strong bolds during the first week of 2020, from the Muqabla of ABCD 3 to Yummy of Justin Bieber. Here is the list of 10 best songs that inspiring you a better week!

Music industry in India has noted several strong bolds for the first week of 2020 with the release of hottest songs. When taking a look at the playlists of music lovers in India, we got a variety of music songs, from Indian singer as Neha Kakkar, Shraddha Kapoor, to new songs of famous singers as Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

Most of these songs touched on hearts of all fans by their own attractions and put their presences on the list best songs of the week.

Best songs of the week
Best songs of the week

Here is the list of hottest songs of the week that you must update to your playlist straight away!

Illegal weapon

Illegal weapon, a song from a movie Street Dancer 3D, features Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor and is at the top of the trending list. As soon as dropping at earlier this week, the song has turned to be a hit and landed at first of the list. For any fans of dancing will be dropping jaws with the power-packed dance battle.


The list continues with a remix song – Muqabla, which is a remix version of Prabhu Deva’ hit 1994 track. The remix changed what people thought about remix songs. Muqabla of ABCD 3  features street dancing that will attract a number of young people who can not keep their feet stand still for a remix song.


Justin Bieber has released the new much-awaited song, Yummy, which is a strong bold for his back to the music industry. A huge fan of Justin Bieber immediately put the song to the peak of a number of music charts.


Falling of Trevor Daniel came out strongly and also being in the list of top songs this week. The song features a perfect mix of love and romance with heartbroken moments and catchy music which none of the music lovers can miss.


For all fans of Street Dancer 3D, Garmi will be a great option. The song features groovy music, Badhshah’s catchy lyrics and Fatehi breathtaking dance moves which attracts the young most. Garmi is a song from an upcoming movie that is expected to be an exceptional film well.


Rare is the next new song by Selena Gomez which continues her painful love story with the obsession of Justin Bieber. When talking about a much-awaited mood for this song, Selena Gomez had tearful moments in front of fans. Rare has been released on which gives all fans complicated feelings.


Makhana, performed by Tanishk Bagchi, Yasser Desai, and Asees Kaur, has got lots of praise since its launch. With its refreshing beats and lyrics, Makhana will energy your Monday without boring and rock your beach holiday or overnight parties.


Ghungroo has been on the trending list for a long time. There is no exception this week, the song is one of the best songs of the week. the song featured Arijit Sings soothing voice and tastefully upbeat music which is always in the list of best songs of the decade and keeps its hot for the first week of the decade.

Yaad Piya Ki

Yaad Piya Ki is a revamped version of Falguni Pathak’s hit track featuring Divya Khosla. The song mostly appears on each music streaming platform in India. You can hear the song of Neha Kakkar and Tanishk Bagchi wherever you go from a radio or a wedding.


Maroon 5 will end the list of best songs of this week with Memories. Truthfully, the song has been dropped in the music world in 2029 and there is no sign of stopping its trend in numerous music charts. Adam Levine and his bands have melted the hearts of music lovers with this soothing music.

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