Back Into The Past With “Christmas Tree Farm” Song By Taylor Swift Ahead Of The Upcoming Holiday

Ankita Chetana |Dec 08, 2019

Christmas day is coming to the town and Taylor Swift will draft a boat to the memory flow with her latest song named “Christmas Tree Farm”.

Ahead of the onset Christmas season, the towns have been ringing the Christmas atmosphere with many songs. Some singers around the globe have also released the Noel songs this year. Several artists such as John Legend and the Jonas Brothers have brought the holy spirit to the Internet. Also, Taylor Swift has just snoozed everyone down the memory lane with her song Christmas Tree Farm.

In the music video, Taylor wraps all those odds days from a child to an adult around the Christmas tree. The singer didn’t opt for any modern shooting crew to make up a hilarious MV, instead, she filmed some attic from the celebrations of the holiday at her homage.

The video warms everyone’s hearts with the flow of our past days, igniting us missing ourselves of such beautiful days. She generally packs the nostalgia and Christmas carol-like air to the video. The image of a toddler alongside her nutty brother created a lane back to our childhood when wishing a lot of miracles and gifts from Santa Clause. As proof, the letters of the family sending to Santa and kiddy Taylor received a guitar from him at the line rewinding her favorable celebration of Christmas also take us back to the beautiful days of the past.

Besides, the queen of country music gave a glance at her puppy through the music video. She captioned it on her own Twitter as below:

Not only the audience can have a relaxing time when watching the video, but Taylor Swift also can take a rest in the curtain after a busy year as well. Winning several awards at American Music Awards this year, the singer has worked hard to achieve the goal and become one of the greatest trending names all over the globe.

Taylor Swift

After a long time giving names to many articles, from the talented singer’s album, her love affair with Joe Alwyn, the controversial fight against Scooter Braun to her achievements, she would be in need of rest. Wish her all the best next year!


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