Australian TV Star Take A Dig At Cardi B After She "Wonders How Pee Tastes Like"

Mina Muzumdar |Aug 06, 2019

After Cardi B tweets she wants to know "what pee tastes like", TV star Bec Judd takes a dig at the rapper-singer.

Australian TV host Bec Judd today just took a dig at Cardi B's language skills as the rapper just tweeted a bizarre post on her social media. Cardi B wrote.

In the recent appearance on KIIS FM's 3PM Pick-Up show, Bec Judd then gave a piece of mind about Cardi B's Twitter post, saying:


This is not the first time Bec Judd brought a sensitive topic to the radio show.

Rapper singer Cardi B

Soon after, the singer also faced a wave of criticism for her bizarre question.


Talking about Cardi B, the Grammy-winning rapper just recently had to cancel her show in Indianapolis minutes before it about to start due to an "unverified threat". The 26-year-old rapper then decided to postponed her show after receiving a warning from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.



the singer tweeted.

She further added:


Earlier, the singer has been vocal about supporting democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. While there has been no immediate connection detected between her and the political activist and the threat she has received, it was the right decision to postpone her show for further investigation.



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