Ariana Grande Creates Drama With Her Gown After Skipping Grammy 2019

Mina Muzumdar |Feb 11, 2019

Instead of attending biggest music award event of the year, Ariana Grande was absent in the last minutes.

After producer dispute, Ariana Grande announced she wouldn’t attend the prestigious award Grammy 2019. Reportedly, the main reason lies in the fact that the singer couldn’t perform the song she wants. The pop princess, however, didn’t let the things down easily. Wearing a beautiful custom white ball gown, Ariana Grande even made a photoshoot with the dress which she would have worn to the Grammy.

As in the picture, the gorgeous singer even posed when she was lying on the floor. Took to Instagram, her post read: "When @zacposen makes u a custom gown it doesn’t matter if you’re singing or not ? .... thank u ?."

There was some drama behind Ariana’s absence. Earlier, when Grammy’s producer spoke to media about Ariana’s decision to pull out of the Award, Ariana responded was only: "No, that's not how that went down."

Despite pulling out of the event at the last minutes, Ariana Grande still packed the first Grammy Award in her career for The Best Pop Vocal Album.


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