AR Rahman Reveals People Ask Him Whether Or Not Islam Can Make Them Successful Too

Laavanya Hien |Nov 05, 2018

AR Rahman is a renowned Oscar winning celebrity as well as musical maestro. He has offered Islam the credit for everything .

AR Rahman is a renowned Oscar-winning celebrity as well as musical maestro. He has offered a credit to Islam for what he has gained during his lifetime. Lately, at an event, AR Rahman disclosed how eager people are to know whether or not Islam will do a similar thing for them.

AR Rahman said a few words during his biography release, Notes of a Dream: The Authorized Biography. He talked about the conversation between him and Islam. 

AR Rahman continued that his strong belief has made him do correctly to bring good results. To be more specific, his faith protects him from plenty of falls. This is due to the fact that among prayers, there exists something like Oh he has to pray; thus, he cannot make this mischief. Hence, when an evening prayer is about to come, he cannot do. That’s why it will shield you as well as the feeling of peace will come in an early morning, he added.

Krishna Trilok is the author of this biography. It also has a close attachment to Landmark as well as Penguin Random House which was released on Saturday.

AR Rahman On His Biography

Via a statement, AR Rahman shared that “Notes of a Dream” has become an unforgettable trip for him. The trip helped him discover such corners of his life that have still remained truthful and straightforward for such a long period. In addition, the conversation with the author Krishna Trilok untied different parts of his personal and creative life that many haven’t known.

AR Rahman

He also said that people humble him. And, they have showered him with their prayers and their loves by showing love with their work.

For further words, AR Rahman added that without their assent everything could be impossible. Moreover, he hopes that this book will bring about positiveness, love, and persistence from the readers. Probably, it functions as a balancing and elevating act of myriad words which form such soothing sentences. Plus, Trilok named it a mysterious trip. It is much like an author could narrate the story about Rahman.


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