We’re The Millers Movie Download - One Of The Funniest Comedy Movie Of All Time

Salena Harshini |Oct 24, 2020

We're the Millers serves you the story of a hilariously dysfunctional and most entertaining family on their utmost road-trip comedy. Watch it for free now!

We’re the Millers can be touted as one of the most iconic films when it comes to the comedy movies that can tickle your ribs. The film was released in the same week as Kick-Ass 2, also a quirky comedy movie, but dethroned it unexpectedly in terms of the box office. Get We’re the Millers movie download and watch it to see how it manages to be named among the funniest films of all time.

Were The Millers3
We're the Millers movie download is an outstanding film venture you cannot miss

The 2013 crime comedy flick is about a drug dealer David Clark who is finding a way to smuggle pot from the border of Mexico to the United States. He comes up with an unprecedented idea to create a fake family and travel across America. The ones he gathers to pretend to be his family is a stripper, a homeless girl, and an innocent boy in his neighborhood. With four different backgrounds and environments, the four people are a family in disguise who come across dangerous yet hysterical incidents on their way.

The drug dealer is portrayed by famous SNL star Jason Sudeikis, while the stripper Rose O’Reilly is Friends star, Jennifer Aniston. Emma Roberts plays the role of Casey Mathis, the homeless girl and Will Poulter as Kenny Rossmore, the 18-year-old virgin boy.

Were The Millers2
They have to deal with some of the most challenging and hilarious struggles

However, bigger troubles come when the amount of pot they have to deliver is double what they expected, it belongs to a notorious criminal and they have to reluctantly travel with a family whose dad is a DEA officer.

We’re the Millers movie download makes the viewers in splits because of the short-sighted and somewhat stupid, crude actions of the characters. However, that chaotic family manages to create a professional criminal gang although in an extremely amateur way.

One of the factors that make We’re the Miller is the filmmakers who are incredibly successful in the field of comedy movies. The idea for this film was from the famous screenwriter duo Bob Fisher – Steve Faber who has created Wedding Crashers (2005). The making of this film is also contributed by director Rawson Marshall Thurber and one of the producers is Chris Bender who produced American Pie (1999), The Hangover (2009), and more.

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston makes heads turn with her stripping scene in We're the Millers full movie
Emma Roberts
Emma Roberts also transforms into a new role with this film

We’re the Millers movie download also lets the audience see the union of the most stellar actors of Hollywood. As they have been part of many top comedy films in Tinseltown, along with the good execution of the makers, the flick surely serves the best sequences and the funniest parts you may never expect to see. Besides the main cast, the audience will also see other familiar faces in the town such as Ed Helms from The Hangover series in the role of drug dealer Brad.

Despite the predictable plot (as we know this fake family will end up a real family in the end), what makes it worthwhile to get We’re the Millers is their acting and comic timing of the cast. They bring about just the splendid amount of cheekiness to their quirky roles.

Watch We're the Millers movie download for free and have yourself the best movie time ever!

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Check out We're the Millers movie download right above1

The madcap characters do not become mushy suddenly and it appears hugely refreshing. Another thing that clicks is the balance between dirtiness and heartfelt emotions.

Jennifer Aniston, the beauty in the hearts of so many, dangles between sultry and motherly with no effort. Men are ready to drool all over her especially when she does her stripping scene. Jason Sudeikis also gets his rude acting right. Emma Roberts mingles in perfectly like the wild child and Will Poulter is endearing as the nice boy.

The funny road trip is predictable but surely is loaded with sexual expletives. Despite the occasional silliness, We’re the Millers full movie does make you laugh.

And in spite of the cursing with F-word fully sprinkled across the movie, it had a great start at the office and lauding comments from the film critics. The movie is a big hit on the international scale with an income of $223 million on the budget of around $37 million. It is the way it does not focus on too many things beside comedy that gains a lot of favor from the audience.

The movie also generate a number of the most famous memes, if you haven't known.

Millers Meme
Download We're the Millers movie to witness the best source of memes

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