Movie Scopes: Thor Oppose To X-Men, Annabelle Will Beat All The Top Cartoon Brands?

Nalini Suri |Jun 04, 2019

This is the time to grab all Top Hollywood Movies For June because it’s summertime to welcome a series of blockbuster hit movies. See the list!

To a fan of movies, summertime from June is the time to start a series of blockbuster movies. If in May, the audience were full of monumental movie party in all categories, Top Hollywood Movies For June will be a comeback of best-seller hit movies as below.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Movies of X-Men have been always a magnet to attract the audience to the cinema. The evidence is that 12 parts of the movie passed but until now, X-Men still maintains its heat regardless of many other movies of superheroes each week.

Top Hollywood Movies For June: X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Once when doing the mission in the universe, the X-Men team gets endangered from a solar storm and Jean Grey has to use her power to save all the team. However, her power also frees another formidable power from Dark Phoenix. And, this is the beginning for the battle between her and her team as well as the alien Queen of Lilandra Neramini.

Men In Black: International

Top Hollywood Movies For June: Men In Black: International

International is 4th part of MIB franchise, the silent heroes protect the Earth. Based on its premise of a fight with aliens to save the world, the latest MIB part goes on an adventurous but full of humor journey. Especially, the movie casts a cool actor from MCU, “Thor” Chris Hemsworth.

Toy Story 4

For kids and children, there are many options to watch in June, one of them is Toy Story 4. In this part, the emotional reunion between Woody and the lost toy friends will touch the audience’s heart.

Top Hollywood Movies For June: Toy Story 4

Also in this part, there will be new names of the toy. Apart from the lively content, Toy Story embraces many meaningful lessons in life.

Annabelle Comes Home

Annabelle Comes Home is the worth expecting part in horror category from producer James Wan. Because of its conjunction storyline, the audiences are motivated to go to the cinema immediately not to miss any scenes of the top horror movie universe.

Top Hollywood Movies For June: Annabelle Comes Home

The Secret Life Of Pets 2

Following an impressive beginning, The Secret Life Of Pets 2 overruns with a post-story which is predicted to burn all tickets in the cinema. The storyline is not so nominated, nevertheless, seeing cute pets on the screen with innocent actions is an indispensable experience.


Rocketman is a story about musical legend Elton John with the well-known Hollywood cast. Especially, the participation of “Kingsman” Taron Egerton making the movie more noticeable.

Top Hollywood Movies For June promises to bring a summer full of emotion for the audience to deeply fall in. Do not hesitate to spend your time to enjoy at least one of them!


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