Top 30 Marathi Movies 2019 – A Successful Year Of Marathi Cinema

Hanima Anand |May 19, 2020

Besides other film industries, Marathi cinema is seeing remarkable developments recently. See here the best 30 Marathi movies 2019 you should watch.

When people are too familiar with Bollywood movies, such regional film industries as Telugu, Tamil and Marathi are having their jumps of developments. Today, let’s take a look at top rated 30 Marathi movies 2019 to see how this industry has evolved itself in recent years!

In each movie section below, we include the Marathi movie name, genre, main cast and a brief description of what happens in these best rating Marathi movies 2019.

Here we go!

30 – Adham (Drama)

Adham is the very first Marathi drama movie listed in this post. It got 3/5 average user rating while gaining 2.5 out of 5 for critic’s review.

Adham Marathi Movies 2019
Adham Marathi movie poster

Adham was released on 28 June last year, starring Santosh Juvekar, Gauri Nalawade, Shashank Shende and many other familiar names of Marathi cinema.

This Marathi movie tells life story of a mafia leader called Anna Bosale. He adopted an orphan and raised him into his best wingman. However, plot twist comes when this young boy decides to stand against Bosale.

Watch Adham movie trailer!

29 – Takatak (Comedy)

Here is the gift for Marathi comedy fans!

Takatak got nearly the same mark as Adham for both critics and audience rating. It was also released on exact same day in 2019.

Takatak Marathi Movie 2019
Takatak Marathi movie poster

Takatak gathers such Marathi stars as Prathamesh Parab, Ritika Shrotri, Adhijit Amkar and Pranali Bhalerao. The movie depicts a common problem for many Indian couples in reality.

Kamakshi and Chomeshwar are married to each other. Though Kamakshi is romance-oriented, her husband is a porn addict. She doesn’t know this before their marriage, which makes things troublesome for both.

The story is commented to be of average while message is easy to follow. However, the overall performance of this Marathi movie 2019 is not satisfactory.

Watch Takatak movie trailer here!

28 – VIP Gadhav (Comedy)

Another comedy in this list of Marathi movies 2019, VIP Gadhav stars Bhau Kadam, Bharat Ganeshpure and Vijay Patkar. It was introduced on 13 September, portraying the story of rural lives where Gangaram and his wife were involved in an animal right trouble.

Vip Gadhav Marathi Movie 2019
VIP Gadhav Marathi movie poster

If you are a fan of Marathi comedy movies, VIP Gadhav is the one to go for. You will sure laugh hard while watching it at home!

Here is the link to VIP Gadhav trailer!

27 - Hirkani (History Drama)

Being a rare Marathi film released in 2019 about history topic, Hirkani leaves its own impressions on the audience.

The movie also gains initial success with its ensemble cast namely Sonalee Kulkarni, Ameet Khedekar and Siddharth Chandekar among many others.

Hirkani Marathi Movie 2019
Hirkani Marathi movie poster

Sonalee is praised nonstop for her charming performance in the movie, so Hirkani is a must-watch for fans of this beautiful heroin.

Watch Hirkani official trailer!

26 – Khari Biscuit (Drama)

You can infer the theme of this Marathi movie 2019 right in its name. Its poster also hints at a feel-good movie revolving around sibling relationship.

Khari Biscuit Marathi Movie 2019
Khari Biscuit Marathi movie poster

Though the film couldn’t get remarkable reviews from critics, it’s a recommendable movie for brother-sister topic, with the appearance of Sanjay Narvekar and Sushant Shelar.

Khari and Biscuit are the name of two main characters in this movie. While Khari is a dreamer, Biscuit considers himself as a doer who will turn every Khari’s wish into reality. Such a sweet movie about family right?

Watch Khari Biscuit trailer here.

25 – Kulkarni Chaukatla Deshpande (Drama)

Looking for a sexy Marathi actress who can boost your mood while enjoying the film? Here she is – Sai Tamhankar, one of the hottest Marathi heroines on the screen!

Kulkarni Chaukatla Deshpande Marathi Movie 2019
Kulkarni Chaukatla Deshpande Marathi movie poster

Kulkarni Chaukatla Deshpande tells story of a woman named Jaya who starts a new life after a broken marriage. The movie describes challenges for such a woman as Jaya who has to fight for their kids and live their own life against all the outdated social norms.

This is one of the best Marathi movies 2019 to promote a progressive lifestyle for Indian women.

Here is Kulkarni Chaukatla Deshpande official trailer.

24 – The Warrior Queen Of Jhansi (Biographical Drama)

Unlike other Marathi movies in 2019 which are encouraged for their performance endeavor, The Warrior Queen Of Jhansi received negative feedback on its direction and acting.

The Warrior Queen Of Jhansi Marathi Movie 2019
The Warrior Queen Of Jhansi Marathi movie poster

The only bonus that helps it rank at the 24th position in this list is the detail-orientation for costumes and setup.

If you want an exciting movie, this might not be a suitable option but if you love history, The Warrior Queen Of Jhansi won’t waste your 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Watch The Warrior Queen Of Jhansi trailer here.

23 – Girlz (Comedy-Drama)

Girlz was released on November 29th but it wasn’t shadowed by earlier Marathi movies 2019. The film has its own signature, revolving around the college life of three girls who are raised in the opposite environment.

Girlz Marathi Movie 2019
Girlz Marathi movie poster

This Marathi comedy-drama will be the perfect choice for those who are also experiencing the student life, who used to live under countless restrictions from parents or society, who want to break the norms to live care-free…

Lead roles in Girlz are taken y Parth Bhalerao, Devika Daftardar and Ankita Lande.

Here is the link to Girlz trailer video for your reference!

22 – Vicky Velingkar (Thriller)

Another movie starring Sonalee Kulkarni in this list of Marathi movies 2019, Vicky Velingkar is better received by the audience.

Vicky Velingkar Marathi Movie 2019
Vicky Velingkar Marathi movie poster

The film is a mystery thriller, centering inexplicable events in one’s life. Besides Sonalee, Vicky Velingkar also has the performance of Sangram Samel, Spruha Joshi, Ketan Singh and many others. It lasts for exactly 2 hours and 2 minutes, hinting a lot of coincidences in the plot.

Watch Vicky Velingkar trailer here!

21 – Aatpadi Nights (Drama)

The year 2019 witnessed a boom in Marathi drama with a lot of projects and Aatpadi Nights is one of them, exploiting the common topic of family life.

Aatpadi Nights Marathi Movie 2019
Aatpadi Nights Marathi movie poster

Playing lead roles in Aatpadi Nights are Pranav Raorane, Chhaya Kadam and Subodh Bhave. The movie tells story of Vasant, the main character after getting married.

Anyone used to feel misled in marriage can find a great relation to this movie.

Watch Aatpadi Nights movie trailer here!

20 – Nashibvaan (Drama)

Also a drama but Nashibvaan is more successful than the abovementioned movies of the same genre thanks to its actor’s performance.

Nashibvaan Marathi Movies 2019
Nashibvaan Marathi movie poster

Taking lead role is Bhau Kadam who is praised for his effort to make the character distinguished from his previous work. This is the main factor to make Nashibvaan one of the most worth-watching Marathi movies 2019.

Watch Nashibvaan official trailer!

19 – Love You Zindagi (Drama & Romance)

Unlike some other romance movies which mostly focus on couple relationships, Love You Zindagi expands its plot to both family and romance topics. This can serve either younger or middle-aged audience.

Love You Zindagi Marathi Movies 2019
Love You Zindagi Marathi movie poster

Though the plot pushes the protagonist into a difficult position of being both father and grandfather at the same time, watching Love You Zindagi is not stressful at all. It makes you smile actually.

Commenting on the movie drawbacks, critics point out some inconsistencies in the story but overall, fans of drama and light comedy should definitely give it a go.

Here is Love You Zindagi movie trailer!

18 - Ek Nirnay...Swatahacha Swatasathi (Family Drama)

Ek Nirnay…Swatahacha Swatasathi is a movie with an ensemble cast of Marathi film industry. There are many important roles, each depicting a different story around family affairs.

Ek Nirnay Swatahacha Swatasathi Marathi Movie 2019
Ek Nirnay...Swatahacha Swatasathi Marathi movie poster

The movie gets positive feedback from critics and especially from the audience. That the film aims at many family problems and life stories may make it a bit stretched during the entire 2 hours and 21 minutes. However, direction and performance are excellent.

Watch Ek Nirnay...Swatahacha Swatasathi trailer here!

17 – Thackeray (Biographical Drama)

This is a special one among all Marathi movies 2019 when it was made simultaneously in Marathi and Hindi. That shows how ambitious its producer is when aiming at both cinemas.

Thackeray Marathi Movie 2019
Thackeray Marathi movie poster

Actually, the movie has its right to expect a loud success with the cast of Amrita Rao and Nawazuddin Siddiqui, along with the direction of Abhijit Panse.

Thackeray is a must-watch movie about the life of Bal Thackeray from a cartoonist to an influential politician.

Watch Thackeray official trailer!

16 – Readymix (Romance Comedy)

With its young beautiful cast, Readymix can be considered a successful romance in this list. Vaibhav Tatwawaadi, Prarthana Behere and Neha Joshi are three names to play lead roles.

Readymix Marathi Movie 2019
Readymix Marathi movie poster

Vaibhav is in the character Sameer who falls in love with Nupur (played by Prarthana). The couple will enjoy utmost sweet moments if Nupur’s sister (played by Neha) doesn’t fall for Sameer.

How will these people resolve their tough problem? Who will quit? Or Who sacrifice their feelings?

Watch Readymix trailer for a brief overview.

15 – Dokyala Shot (Romance Comedy)

The next one in this list of Marathi movies 2019 is also a romance comedy – Dokyla Shot with the appearance of Suvrat Joshi, Prajakta Mali, and Rohit Haldikar.

Dokyala Marathi Movie 2019
Dokyala Marathi movie poster

Watching this movie makes you laugh hard while enjoying the way lead role finds back his memory. The story is Abhijit suffers memory loss after a cricket incident, and he is set to get married within the next few days. So, how can he regain his memories before the marriage? Dokyala Shot will tell you the answer.

Here is Dokyala official trailer!

14 – Dombivli Return (Thriller)

It can be said that Dombivli Return is a safe movie which earns a good score from the audience. Though it doesn’t show any exceptional performance, its plot is qualified enough for thriller genre, enough to make you excited from the beginning to the very end.

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Dombivli Return Marathi Movie 2019
Dombivli Return Marathi movie poster

The movie stars Sandeep Kulkarni among many other big names in Marathi film industry. Dombivli Return got 3.4 out of 5 from the audience review.

Watch Dombivili official trailer!

13 – Ti and Ti (Romance Comedy)

It seems last year was a fruitful year of Marathi romance comedy with a lot of successful projects. Almost all got positive reviews from critics and the audience.

Ti And Ti Marathi Movie 2019
Ti And Ti Marathi movie poster

Ti and Ti differs from other romance first in its setting. A lot of shoots are conducted at foreign locations with scenic beauty, bringing an exotic feeling to the movie in general.

The movie stars Pushkar Jog, Sonalee Kulkarni and Prarthana Behere in important positions.

Watch Ti And Ti official trailer here!

12 – Wedding Cha Shinema (Drama)

Calling it a drama but Wedding Cha Shinema is also a light-hearted comedy. Though it may not get high scores from the audience as some other mentioned works but this Marathi film is highly recommended by critics.

Wedding Cha Shinema Marathi Movie 2019
Wedding Cha Shinema Marathi movie poster

Its director Saleel Kulkarni has succeeded in delivering realistic moments with relatable characters and overall smooth performances to the movie-goers. You will hardly find any flaw in his plot.

Watch Wedding Cha Shinema trailer!

11 – Mogra Phulaalaa (Drama)

Exploiting the family topics, people might think Mogra Phulaalaa is nothing new to watch but things are otherwise.

Mogra Phulaalaa Marathi Movie 2019
Mogra Phulaalaa Marathi movie poster

This 2019 Marathi movie deal with the so-called family equations in several households which can be totally related in many Indian families now. The way its message is delivered is highly appreciated, combined with the multi-layered performance of veteran actors. All made Mogra Phulaalaa a decent watch for your movie hour.

Watch Mogra Phulaalaa movie trailer here!

10 – Welcome Home (Drama)

Welcome Home tells story of Saudamini (played by Mrinal Kulkarni), who dares to step out of her meaningless marriage. The plot develops when Saudamini struggles to make decisions after moving on.

Welcome Home Marathi Movie 2019
Welcome Home Marathi movie poster

The movie reminds people of a simple fact but not all can remember: Home is where the heart is. If home is not the place you feel safe the most, then it might not be your true home yet.

Welcome Home is one of the must-watch Marathi movies 2019 for Indian modern women.

Watch Welcome Home official trailer.

9 – Miss U Mister (Drama)

Everyone can infer its theme when reading the movie name, a distant love story!

Miss U Mister Marathi Movie 2019
Miss U Mister Marathi movie poster

Miss U Mister depicts the life of newlyweds Varun (Siddharth Chandekar) and Kaveri (Mrunmayee Deshpande) who decide to live far from each other to earn more money. Will they be able to make ends meet while maintaining the relationship with that distance?

In fact, you can predict the end of the story but the process is worth-watching with captivating soundtrack as well.

Watch Miss U Mister trailer here.

8 – Smile Please (Drama)

Being directed by a fashion designer-turned-director, it’s easy to understand why Smile Please can quickly gain affection from the young audience with its overall setup.

Smile Please Marathi Movie 2019
Smile Please Marathi movie poster

The plot is intriguing too, raising public awareness of dementia when people suddenly forget their closet surroundings. The main character, Nandini is presenting her work and forgets all the following words. She doesn’t remember to pick her daughter either.

Is she suffering a serious illness or it’s just a temporary condition due to life pressure? Smile Please will help you to understand better the story of 50 million people who are experiencing the same as Nandini.

Watch Smile Please official trailer here.

7 – Baba (Drama)

Baba is the debut movie of director Raj Gupta but it is produced by big name in Indian film industry Sanjay Dutt. That’s why Baba bears great resemblances to many Hindi movies.

Baba Marathi Movie 2019
Baba Marathi movie poster

Watching Baba is like going on an emotional rollercoaster, following the struggle of couple Madhav and Anandi who go great lengths to raise their son Shankar. One day, Shankar’s biological parents appear and ask custody of the little boy.

Starring in this 2019 Marathi movie is Deepak Dobriyal and Spruha Joshi along with some other familiar names of Marathi cinema.

Watch Baba official trailer!

6 – Ye Re Ye Re Paisa 2 (Thriller Comedy)

Producing a thriller comedy is difficult, we must say. It’s very hard to avoid loopholes in the plot while maintaining the excitement level among the audience, and Ye Re Ye Re Paisa 2 also has trouble dealing both.

Ye Re Ye Re Paisa 2 Marathi Movie 2019
Ye Re Ye Re Paisa 2 Marathi movie poster

However, the ensemble cast with experienced performance can make up for that. Laughs are also bonus points to keep this film in top Marathi movies 2019.

Having said that, don’t watch this if you need something motivational or meaningful message. Ye Re Ye Re Paisa 2 is exactly an entertaining movie which brings you care-free hours.

Here is Ye Re Ye Re Paisa 2 official trailer.

5 – Khichik (Drama Comedy)

Khichik is a rare movie that intends to depict miserable lives with a comedy tone. It tells story of a boy and his grandfather being conned by a villager. They lose all their money while the little boy is even separated from the grandfather.

Khichik Marathi Movie 2019
Khichik Marathi movie poster

Hearing that plot may make you feel sad but Khichik is, however, a comedy. What a surprise!

Khichik gathers the main cast of Prathamesh Parab, Sudesh Berry, Sidharth Jadhav and Shipa Thakre. It got very encouraging feedback from critics.

Watch Khichik movie trailer here.

4 – Fatteshikast (Action Drama)

Here you are, an action drama among all Marathi movies 2019. Making an action movie is not easy considering the huge investment you have to manage.

That is why Fatteshikast deserves a top place in this list of 2019 Marathi movies.

Fatteshikast Marathi Movie 2019
Fatteshikast Marathi movie poster

Watching Fatteshikast will help you immerse in a historic era with exciting mood boosted by its setting and overall performance. In other words, you must watch this film whenever you have free time!

Watch Fatteshikast movie trailer here.

3 – Dhappa (Drama)

The second runner-up in this best Marathi movies 2019 list today calls out Dhappa, a movie by Nipun Dharmadhikari, starring Deepali Borkar and Shrihari Abhyankar.

Though it doesn’t have an ensemble cast, Dhappa brings out very natural performances and direction to the audience. Most school kids in lead roles are first time on screen but they complete their tasks perfectly.

Dhappa Marathi Movie 2019
Dhappa Marathi movie poster

Dhappa is not just for kids, it’s a meaningful movie for all of us to break our obsolete mindset and embrace innovative ideas.

Watch Dhappa movie trailer here.

2 – Girlfriend (Drama)

We are coming close to the winner, but before that, don’t miss this Sai Tamhankar-starrer!

Girlfriend got 3.5 out of 5 from critics with a very common topic of love. It depicts different definitions of people towards true love, which is also the main message delivered throughout the movie.

Girlfriend Marathi Movie 2019
Girlfriend Marathi movie poster

What makes Girlfriend stand out from other Marathi movies 2019 is the smooth co-operation from all the crew, from director, cameramen to actors. All combined to give a beautiful work for the audience.

Here is the trailer of Girlfriend.

1 – Anandi Gopal (Biographical Drama)

The second-to-none movie got impressive scores from both critics and the audience, even the most critical ones. 4 stars out of 5 from both, the production team of Anandi Gopal can be proud of their endeavor.

Featuring Bhagyashree Milind in its lead role, Anandi Gopal inspires us with the story of a great woman – doctor Anandibai Joshi, who stood against all social taboo at women education to become an influential figure in her community.

Above is our list of top 30 Marathi movies 2019 you must book a ticket. If you haven’t watched them in cinema, you can search Marathi movie download websites to enjoy them at home.

Should you have any comments or addition to the list, please feel free to leave comments in the box below!

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