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Salena Harshini |Apr 14, 2020

The Way Back is another solid proof for the acting prowess of Academy Award winner Ben Affleck. The movie delivers a special journey that says more than just sport drama.

The Way Back, directed by Gavin O’Connor, hits theaters in early March. The film was critically acclaimed, with Ben Affleck's Jack Cunningham role praised since his last on-screen appearance as Batman in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016). For the unversed, The Way Back movie download is now available online!

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The Way Back movie download is up for grabs here!

The movie made its debut at the cinema with $8.5 million but then fell 70% on the second weekend to $2.4 million. The disadvantage mostly came from the coronavirus pandemic in the United States. The Way Back would have done much better if the revenues were not all shuttered.

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The Way Back Movie Download should have been a decent box-office work of Ben Affleck if it were not for the pandemic

The Way Back was once called The Has-Been. But the initial title was changed when the filmmakers realized the direction of the film was more about emotion than the protagonist's basketball talent, according to Affleck. Honestly, no star wants to appear next to the title like “The Has-Been”, especially when the star has had two failed projects: Justice League (2017) with disappointing sales of $658 million and Affleck's directorial Live By Night (2016) which also earned only $23 million.

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What can we expect from the return of Academy Award winner Ben Affleck in this film? Read our review below

Let's have a quick review through the film: In The Way Back, Ben Affleck plays a former basketball player who has fallen on hard times and is addicted to alcohol. However, he has a chance to atone for himself when he is asked to be a coach at his former high school.

It is easy to imagine this movie slipping into the common way of a sports movie, over crossed with a little of the magical teacher sort especially when the protagonist is white and most of his team is not. The team starts winning, the coach learned from the kids just as much as he learns from him, someone gets a reward and the coach confronts his hardships. This outline is what you may have thought of.

The Way Back
The Way Back is more than an ordinary sports drama

However, The Way Back does not get too comfortable in one place. Every time the flick feels like it may end up cliché, it just half twists into something different and new.

The Way Back is not just a salvation story. Life does not simply get easier for Jack, the pain does not fade away and what he wants to be fixed is not going to resolve themselves. However, something has changed inside of him and he is able to step on a road that will actually lead somewhere.

Director Gavin O'Connor said that he let Ben Affleck "roll around" with his emotions during this film. Ben Affleck’s life is known to be partially alike to that of Jack.

After getting candid on his own battle – the fight with alcohol addiction and the broken marriage with actress Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck said he needs to take the role of a spokesman against alcoholism, according to Reuters.

He is not satisfied with what he’s done and he is not a hero at all. But the actor hoped his experience could somewhat help someone as he did everything to prove that his life would not end up in alcohol.

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The Way Back movie download is somewhat the reflection of Ben Affleck's life

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This movie's lauding appreciation mostly owes to the portrayal of Ben Affleck

In a nutshell, this movie suggests that Ben Affleck’s most out of the ordinary stretch as an artist is still to come.

The earnestness of The Way Back — its reluctance to take the simple route, and Affleck's all-out responsibility to let his own crudeness advise performed torment — should assure the audience to find what they're searching for in a heartfelt movie.

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