"The Holiday" Review: Average Than Expected, Mixed Reactions From Viewers

Imran Asif Fazal |Jul 24, 2019

"The Holiday" has failed to impress the viewers on YouTube. The viewers have criticized the characters for "overacting".

Zoom Studio's original web series, The Holiday has a glam of actress Adah Sharma but lacks chivalrous mood of the entire set in Mauritius. The series begins with the four at the airport, with Adah playing Mehak, Aashim Gulati playing Armaan, Priyank Sharma playing Patrick and Veer Rajwant Singh playing Kabir.

The Holiday Poster
The Holiday movie poster

As the quartet reach Mauritius, they begin what they think will be an alcohol-fueled adventure but looks like life has other plans for them. It’s revealed that one of them has been sacked and he is now under pressure to complete a presentation by the weekend.

The web episodes is shot around beautiful landscapes and chic styled hotels. The backdrop is slow paced dialogue delivery and the web series does not holds down the curiosity of the audience. Adah Sharma's unique multi-colored hair has been applauded by the audience. Aashim Gulati has once again shown his great acting skills.

The web series has lots of up and down moments. The cinematography has been a bit tardy. The availability of the webseries on YouTube takes away the exclusivity for the OTT platform. It looks like the director Lakshya Raj Anand is trying to impress through his skills with a weak script.

The Holiday has a fine comic tone to the story with trendy millennial jokes. Double meaning jokes are a bit too obvious and overall makes the web series an average story. Adah Sharma's dialogue delivery is very natural and she sets up the mood to the story. The Holiday has over 2 million views on YouTube for episode one. The second episode has dropped since its release.

The comments on the episodes are of mixed feelings. The audience has been divided over the acting skills of the characters.

STARBIZ rating: 2.5/5

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