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Hanima Anand |Sep 06, 2020

Find here the full series for free, The Boys Season 1 eight episodes by Eric Kripke! The American superhero web series was among the must-watch of 2019.

Two days after the release of The Boys Season 2, the search for The Boys Season 1 download full series for free increases. Not sure whether you have watched the three episodes of season 2 or not but many people just wait for the entire series to finish before they enjoy the movie without intervals.

That’s why The Boys season 1 full series download is dug up one more time, and today we bring it to you for free, along with the plot recap, cast information and review.

The Boys Season 1 Download 1
The Boys season 1 free download: When the superheroes turn villains...

The first two The Boys Season 1 episodes were written by Eric Kripke while George Mastras, Craig Rosenberg, Rebecca Sonnenshine, Anne Cofell Saunders and Ellie Monahan contribute to the plot of other parts. These teams involve in writing the Boys season 2 as well.

The Boys season 1 download includes 8 episodes in total, namely:

  • The Name of the Game
  • Cherry
  • Get Some
  • The Female of the Species
  • Good for the Soul
  • The Innocents
  • The Self-Preservation Society
  • You Found Me

In case you watched the series but forgot its plot, we have The Boys season 1 recap here for your reference.

The Boys Season 1 Download 2
Billy Butcher on The Boys season 1 poster

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Back to the context, Vought International is a giant corporation producing superpowered individuals. In the eyes of the public, these people called The Seven are real superheroes but they are mostly arrogant and monetized by Vought. At that time, there’s another group of superpowered vigilantes named The Boys who want to fight back The Seven to put their influence under control. However, The Seven are depicted with more strength than their enemy, even killing the girlfriend of one member in The Boys group.

You should also note that The Boys is led by Billy Butcher and the two new members of both groups who are taking the spotlights are Hughie Campbell (whose girlfriend is murdered) and Annie January (called Starlight of the Seven).

The Boys Season 1 Download 3
The Boys unveils a different side of a superpower life, even in making love.

The Boys season 1 download ends with many questions raised about Compound-V and the relationships of the main characters. In brief, Compound-V is more than a performance-enhancer but actually a superpower creator. Vought uses this drug to inject normal children after paying their families a handsome amount of money. A member in the Seven, Homelander, has confessed that he used Compound-V to create supervillains.

Meanwhile, at the end of The Boys season 1 full series download, people are also shocked when finding out Billy Butcher’s wife is alive. She is even the mother to Homelander’s son. On another development, Translucent, a member of the Seven, is killed at the last moment, while Maeve (the Seven) unveils her bisexual orientation.

You can watch The Boys season 1 trailer below for a vivid illustration.

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Having an intriguing plot plus diverse topics around the life of a superpower, The Boys season 1 review gets positive feedback from critics and audience. Overall, the series is scored 4 out of 5 stars on Rotten Tomatoes.

Comments from users are quite encouraging, ranging from the storyline which brings extra dimensions to the superheroes to the cast performance, especially the lead roles. Integrated in the drama is sporadic comedy scenes which also catch more attention to the series.

The Boys Season 1 Download 4
Reviews on The Boys season 1 from top critics and users on Rottentomatoes.

In terms of The Boys season 1 cast, the New Zealand actor Karl Urban plays the crucial role of Bill Butcher opposite to Antony Starr in the role of Homelander from the Seven. Other young actors in lead roles include Jack Quaid, Erin Moriarty, Chace Crawford, Karen Fukuhara, Tomer Kapon and Jessie Usher, and Dominique McElligott.

Almost all actors are praised for their natural expressions, flexible acting skills and tight-co-operation with others.

No more waiting, let’s come to the Boys season 1 download for free below.

Here is The Boys season 1 full series download (8 episodes) in HD for free.

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The Irish actress Dominique McElligott is among lead female roles in The Boys.

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