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Hanima Anand |Sep 15, 2020

The newly released The Babysitter: Killer Queen full movie download 2020 has been made available. How Cole will convince other people of the threat while protecting himself? Read on!

Following the success of The Babysitter 2017, McG continues to produce its second installment of this teen comedy horror, and might release the next sequel in the near future. Though the movie has just been released on Sep 10, The Babysitter Killer Queen full movie download has been made available for free download.

The Babysitter Killer Queen Full Movie Download 1
The Babysitter Killer Queen movie download is leaked for free just one week after release.

In the last movie, Cole (Judah Lewis), a 12-year-old student, discovers a shocking secret about his babysitter Bee (Samara Weaving). She and some of his friends are members of a demonic cult who sacrifices innocent lives to do whatever they want. Despite being chased by the evil group, Cole managed to escape and crash Bee with a car. The first installment ends with the resurrection of Bee from the spell book.

Continuing the series, The Babysitter Killer Queen full movie download 2020 tells Cole’s next life chapter at high school when he tries to convince others of the dangerous cult. His best friend Melanie knew previous events so she is the only one to believe in his story. Even his parents registered Cole for a psychiatric school, so he ran away with Melanie, her boyfriend Jimmy and the other two friends Boom-Boom and Diego to a lake party.

Here Cole meets a new friend named Phoebe (Jenna Ortega). Some events happen at the party, revealing every friend in the group except Boom-Boom, Cole and Phoebe are actually cult members. Boom-Boom is killed by Melanie while Cole and Phoebe attempted to escape. On the way, Cole and Phoebe make love with each other before being caught by cultists. Due to this, when the cultists perform the rituals and drink blood samples of Cole, they are disintegrated.

The Babysitter Killer Queen Full Movie Download 2
Samara Weaving's mysterious look is the perfect cast for Bee.

Bee one more time emerges and reveals all the truth, from her relationship with Phoebe as well as what she has done in the past. So, will Bee kill both Cole and Phoebe for sacrifice or spare their lives regarding their love? Download The Babysitter Killer Queen full movie at the end of the post to find out!

In The Babysitter Killer Queen full movie download 2020, Judah Lewis maintains his lead role as Cole while Emily Alyn Lind continues to play his best friend Melanie. A new face, Jenna Ortega joins the cast as Cole’s new friend Phoebe. Jenna Ortega can be considered an experienced actor despite her young age. She has been acting since 2012 in Jane the Virgin. She also won several awards for her performance in Disney and Netflix series.

Weaving is still in charge of the sexy devil babysitter Bee and some other young names play the supporting roles of Cole’s friend, such as Robbie Amell, Andrew Bachelor, Hana Mae Lee or Bella Thorne.

As for The Babysitter Killer Queen review, this second sequel doesn’t receive positive feedback from both critics and the audience as its first movie in 2017. It might be due to people’s expectation for a higher level of guilty-pleasure fun mixed in the long-awaited comedy horror. However, the mediocre plot as well as direction fails to impress most fans. That’s not to mention some flaws in the movie logic as well as the unnatural performance of the cast.

The major problem with this sequel is the number of characters McG wants to involve. From dead cult members resurrected to the teens’ parents, those roles do not contribute much to the story development while distracting the audience from the main story thread. And most importantly, the movie gives no proper explanation for the title itself.

The result is The Babysitter Killer Queen full movie download only got 4.47 out of 10 stars on Rotten Tomatoes while Metacritic scores the movie 22/100 based on 6 critical reviews.

In general, the majority of critics agree this 2020 film fails to entertain as either horror or comedy, contradicting the success of the very first movie.

The Babysitter Killer Queen Full Movie Download 3
Jenna Ortega is newly introduced to the sequel in Phoebe's role.

Having said that, The Babysitter Killer Queen full movie download is still a worth-watching if you are into teen comedy and also a fan of thrillers. Though the director couldn’t push his film to a satisfactory horror level, The Babysitter 2 does contain heart-stopping moments during the chase. Dialogues are not epic but they can be considered lightly fun to some extent. Maybe teenagers who are the target audience of McG will find the script and events in The Babysitter Killer Queen download more relatable.

Another bonus of this film is its diverse cast who all look youthful and equally attractive. For sensitive teen hearts, just the love-making scene or gorgeous female leads in The Babysitter Killer Queen free download are enough to watch this movie.

Here comes The Babysitter: Killer Queen movie download (2020).

You can also check the movie trailer for more illustration before proceeding to download The Babysitter Killer Queen full movie.

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