Free Marathi Movie Download Sites & How To Access Unrestricted

Bhavna Acharya |May 07, 2020

If you’re a fan of Marathi movies but do not know where to watch your favorite Marathi films on the internet for free, check out the list of top 8 trustable Marathi Movie Download Sites below.

Although Bollywood is the biggest film industry in the country, it is clear to see that Marathi cinema still has a solid position in the heart of cine-goers. In fact, it is one of the most prominent film industries of India which was formed more than a century ago. Despite the low budget and small scale, Marathi cinema has witnessed a great revolution over the last few years with more and more filming techniques, talented actors, and drawing plots, along with an emerging number of Marathi movie download sites.

In fact, some of the Marathi movies even outdid Bollywood blockbusters not only in terms of critical remarks but also at the box office. It's easy to understand why Marathi movie free download websites are increasing online, meeting the demand of those who can't afford the tickets all the time.

Can you name these latest Marathi movies to hit the theaters in 2020

Regarding its content, Marathi movies chose a different approach and presentation method from other film industries which makes it different and outstanding. Apart from the rich and drawing contents, Marathi films also represent its culture when reaching people not only in India but also around the world.

Thanks to the advanced technology, you're now able to enjoy any films we want from home on movie streaming websites. However, if your Internet connection is rather slow or it doesn't meet the minimum requirement to watch movie online in high quality, you may need to access to Marathi movies download sites to watch films offline for a better experience. If you’re a fan of Marathi movies but do not know where to download your favorite Marathi films on the internet for free, check out the most popular Marathi movie download website list below:

Disclaimer: This article is only providing the information you’re looking for. We do not encourage watching and downloading movies from ineligible websites. Please note that it can be illegal to do so. 

1. Marathi Unlimited - The No.1 Marathi movie download site

Marathi-unlimited is the best website to get your Marathi favorite movie

Website address:

Marathi Unlimited is one of the most popular and trustable Marathi movie download sites which offer you almost all Marathi movies you need from Marathi classic movies to the latest blockbusters. The websites include a variety of categories such as Action-adventure, Comedy, Animation, Crime Movies, Drama, Documentary, Horror, and many others.

This site not only keeps you up to date with the latest news about Marathi cinema but also provides tools to convert English into Hindi and Marathi. It also has a user-friendly interface that allows you to find and download your favorite Marathi movie effortlessly.

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2. VipMarathi - For both Marathi movie free download and songs

Use VipMarathi if you don't want something complicated!

Website address:

Another well-known Marathi movie download site is Vipmarathi which includes a massive collection of free Marathi movies for download. Besides is the Marathi movie song gallery with thousand mp3 songs that are made available for free. You can download both Marathi films and songs from Vipmarathi at high speed without worrying about the virus threat.

This Marathi movie download website also informs you of upcoming movies so you know what to prepare for.

3. Marathimovieworld - News & Marathi movie download

Marathi Movie World not only gets you the link to download but also news about Marathi films.

Website address:

This is the real home for Marathi movie fans. It has everything about the Marathi movie world including news, movies, TV series, and songs. You can also read the movie review to decide whether to watch or download latest Marathi movies or not.

However, the most interesting part about Marathimovieworld is the puzzles and quizzes about Marathi movies where you can challenge yourself or your friends to see how much you know about Marathi cinema. This is also the bonus point to help this web rank top among Marathi movie download sites at present.

4. Zee5 & iTube - Trick for quality Marathi movie download

Zee5 offers both free and charged movies according to users' accounts.

Website address: &

The website holds a wide range of movie languages from Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and of course, Marathi. You can easily find all popular and famous Marathi movies on the website and watch it online for free. Last year, the blockbuster web series Hutatma Season 2 was also announced on Zee5 after Sex, Drugs & Theater.

However, Marathi movie download from Zee5 will be restricted. You can see which movie is marked Free and which are for Premium accounts only. The advantage of this website is the movie quality, otherwise, you can opt for other free Marathi movie download sites as mentioned in this post.

Having said that, you can still download Marathi movies from this website. To put Zee5 into the Marathi movie download sites list for free, please install a tool called iTube Studio. Then, copy the link of the movies or songs you like on Zee5 and paste onto the tool and click 'download' to get it to your PC. It's completely free!

5. HDFriday - Marathi movie download site with review

HDFriday is an emerging movie download site in India.

Website address:

When it comes to Marathi movie download websites list, HDFriday is no doubt one of the best places where you can find any related information about the films as well as the audience’s reviews. With Hd Friday, even the most low-tech person can find and download the movie they need thanks to the clear and useful interface.

In fact, the leading website provides movies and series in many languages to satisfy the craving of every movie-goer. The site will require no subscription fee or rental fee but allow you full access to all genres of movies in all languages including Marathi. It's convenient to download Marathi movies from HDFriday as it is one of the most trustable movie download sites in India.

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6. Youtube Downloader - For all kinds of Marathi movies download

Youtube is the easiest way to watch your favorite Marathi movies.

Website address: &

Most of us consider Youtube as the most popular and easiest website to watch movies and videos. However, there is a lesser-known fact that you can turn Youtube to one of the best Marathi movie download sites in a blink of an eye with Youtube Downloader websites and it is absolutely free! This makes Youtube one of the best Marathi movie download sites you can make use of.

Here is how to download videos and films from Youtube with Youtube Downloader websites:

  • Go to
  • Find the Marathi movie you want to watch by typing on the search bar
  • Click on the movie and get the Youtube link
  • Paste the link on the Youtube Downloader websites, chose the format you want and click 'Save' or 'Download'

Youtube Downloader website address:

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7. FilmyWap - Notorious Marathi movie downloader and others

This design may look tedious but very useful to many people.

Website address:

The Marathi movie download websites list won’t be complete without Filmy wap, the leading platform which offers people free Marathi movie download. In fact, you can get the latest Marathi films to watch it offline without worry much about your internet streaming capacity and connection issue.

Not just Marathi movies, Filmywap is also a free movie download website for all movies from Bollywood to Hollywood, affecting the revenue of in-office movies.

As not everyone has enough time and money to watch all the 'sounds-interesting' films at the box office, watch your favorite on these free Marathi movie download website list from home turns out to be the most convenient and economic way to nurture your passion for cinema. As mentioned above, it's better to watch and download movies from legal Marathi movie download sites to avoid legal issues and virus threats.

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